Home Gaming VALORANT, a Tier 0 reporter in the name of “Pee Wan Cuteboy” reveals that almost all Showmatch contestants are preparing to transfer teams!

VALORANT, a Tier 0 reporter in the name of “Pee Wan Cuteboy” reveals that almost all Showmatch contestants are preparing to transfer teams!

VALORANT, a Tier 0 reporter in the name of “Pee Wan Cuteboy” reveals that almost all Showmatch contestants are preparing to transfer teams!


Sunday, July 9, 2023, 7:02:47 a.m. Indochina time

There is news to surprise each other again. When the journalist level 0 like elder glasses (cute baby) Ownership myth and FPS Thailand has issued a declaration through Twitter personally about the big changes in the industry value In which he came out to jab a punch, saying, “Players who went to the Varo event today Heard that almost all teams were transferred “

by competing in the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Pacific: Ascension It is considered the first big competition to be held in Thailand. thus making both pro player and game fans attending the event massively, including when July 8th There is also a competition in the form of show match for game fans to watch Therefore, the suspect this time should be among the following players.

  • CGRS (Paperex)
  • John Olsen (FULL SENSE)
  • LammySnax (All round attack)
  • Ka Doom (MiTH)


players from Paper Rex which is nearing the end of the contract period (Just signed the contract) 1 year), but because of the work on the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters Was excellent and was one of the players who helped bring the team atmosphere back to the better In addition, the person can also play a role as a streamer for the agency. Paper Rex Yes, the author therefore thinks that “Dare” should not be released now unless he dares to quit competing himself. But I don’t think it will be any time soon.

John Olsen

Although the subordinate full feeling Currently in the process of “major surgery” by pulling out the old flesh to check how it works. (Players within the team) before adding new players to the team. which of course John Olsen At present, it is quite like ” mascot ” to the team, including his skill, has not completely fallen, thus making John Olsen It’s unlikely that it will really be ejected, unless obi be seen from another angle or John Olsen want to hang the mouse To move to become a full-time streamer is also possible.

Lammie Nax

One of the most skilled players from the agency. attack all around Which referred to as one of the former members of the agency full feeling before but after Lammie Nax Decided to move to grow together with close friends, friends like shalalala as IGL to the team, and if referring to this announcement including the pursuit IGL big time of full feeling At present, therefore Lammie Nax It’s one of the interesting options and should fit in well.


and if according to conjecture, including attack all around still decided to make a team value Next, it is possible that they may pick up a player in the position. IGL replaced by others, such as Jainism from affiliation Sharper Esports who is currently unaffiliated or everything may remain the same, but become Kntz from affiliation CRIT SPORTS maybe go join full feeling instead, it is also possible


position player duel One of the strongest tops of the agency myth But because of the sharp playing skills, the ability to shoot sharply and the madness of the person, making buttons is one of the youngest players who may go into the eye of a giant Talon Esports can be in the moment


Of course, if it’s true, the agency myth may be willing to let go so that important players like buttons to grow in the industry value full body part myth It may be looking for new players in the position. duel to replace, which has since Surf, Sephiroth until change which is currently unaffiliated


credit : FPSThailand.com

Have to wait and follow each other that this modification will make the team. value Thailand raises the level of strength even more than before. Including how different each team will have to change the players in the current set. We have to wait and follow each other.


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