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VALORANT as SuperBusS reveals new member FULL SENSE details and reasons for two players leaving the team.


Saturday, December 24, 2022, 6:22:57 PM, Indochina time

After a few days ago There was a shocking incident involving two famous players. ChAlalala and LAMMYSNAX who came out to bid farewell from the agency FULL SENSE which can read more details atthis article

For the interest of this story is A few days ago via SuperBusS One of the key members from the agency FULL SENSE Has come out to reveal interesting information about the team. The details are as follows.

  • LAMMYSNAX and ChAlalala left and got a new agency.
  • In which the agency that will be a new agency cannot be disclosed at this time.
  • JohnOlsen still with FULL SENSE continue
  • but JohnOlsen will take a break from the competition for a time 1 month
  • FULL SENSE There will be new players. 3 people included 6 person
  • Players joining the team are completely new.
  • FULL SENSE will have Coach add more 1 people included 3 person
  • SuperBusS revealed that the reason LAMMYSNAX and ChAlalala Leaving the team is likely to be a miscommunication itself because saying that there should be someone out, but actually just might have to be dropped as a streamer.

There is also interesting content from the point of view of ChAlalala has come out to reveal through their stream with the meaning that

I had to choose between going to my boyfriend’s graduation party or competing for my team. which if deciding to go to a graduation ceremony under the jurisdiction, will not renew the contract I finally decided to go to my boyfriend’s graduation party, that’s all.

As for the way SuperBusS Said that I misunderstood that way. ChAlalala came out to clarify that

I pushed myself to ask again. Do you need to find a new agency? Which Bus understood that I wanted to hurry up and compete, so I contacted a new agency, but in fact, both of them were able to stay with FULL SENSE can continue, but will stay as a streamer for the subordinate Which we have already contacted the new agency therefore decided to compete instead

And if talking about a new agency right now that seems to be the most possible, it might be a famous agency like Attack All Around, which is currently looking for Manager to the team VALORANT Currently, but if it’s not Attack All Around or it may be a new agency, unboxing it, it’s also possible.

have to wait and see that in the year 2023 this competition VALORANT In our home zone, we will have fun. and compete with each other how much fun We have to wait and follow each other.

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