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VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific Reveals Championship Favourites Worth Watching 1/2


Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 6:55:31 PM, Indochina time

After the big battle VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Tokyo Masters just about to end soon It’s time for the next big battle for the team. Level 2 in the list VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific by ranking 1 will be upgraded to VCT Pacific League Including being one important step to step into the path of league Standing shoulder to shoulder with the top teams from the zone Pacific

by competition VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific There will be all affiliations involved. 10 affiliation and will divide all of them into 2 group to search 6 The team continues to compete in the round. playoffs which consists of

Alpha group:

  • Thailand – XERXIA
  • Vietnam – Fancy United Esports
  • HK/TW – One Esports Team
  • Philippines – NAOS Sports
  • Indonesia – BOOM Esports

Omega group:

  • South Asia – Orangutan
  • Japan – SCARZ
  • MY/SG – Bleed Esports
  • Korea – Dplus KIA
  • Oceania – Crazy

and because the affiliation that participated in the competition was more than 10 affiliation, thus making the way 4 gamers decide to pick up 4 Affiliation of interest in the list VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific In this article, the author would like to mention only 2 affiliation because they do not want the article to be too long which consists of


1. DPLUS E-Sports

One of the big agencies from Korea that changed its name from Damwon game which if looking back at the old works Damwon game last year 2022 Have to admit that their performance is not very good. But after they moved under the name of good plus Ready to adjust many new players, thus making their performance come back a little bit better Until able to win tickets to enter the program VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific successfully


which way of playing good plus will focus on the resolution gradually, play one corner at a time, hit slowly until the time is almost over Although some games are fast-paced, website some, but in the end good plus It is one of the subordinates. default Most of the damage and because of the various works, including their sharpness, which is quite high, thus making good plus became one of the top candidates 1 of this competition by default


2. Blood Esports

for affiliation Blood Esports Originally considered to be one of the rival teams of Thai fighters often But after failing to grab onto league They decided to make a big adjustment to the team. Ready to grab top players from Thailand like scary come to strengthen the army until they become one of the most feared and eye-catching agencies, not losing a big agency like good plus I can say that


In terms of how to play Blood Esports will focus on playing fast, cutting fast But in this fast speed, they still have a resolution in terms of checking different angles, including the more coming of scary which is one of the players supervisor The fun line of the team added to make Blood Esports Become a team that can play in a variety of ways, such as post plant from supervisor good workmanship scary and playing overcome various resulting in bleeding e-sports Became another tight agency of this list, not lost good plus I can say that


Last on the list. VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific will start competing from June 28 – July 9 which will be any agency that can win this victory successfully We have to wait and follow each other.

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