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VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific Summary of Day 2’s competition, representatives from Thailand XERXIA were defeated by a dear friend from Vietnam with a score of 2-0.


Friday, June 30, 2023, 7:30:56 a.m. Indochina time

After the first day of competition went through chaos. for the competition in the list VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific The competition will start from June 28 – July 9 one of the big battles to search for teams from zones Pacific to grab a permit to step up to league Leading in the big battle, side by side under the famous Talon Esports , DRX , Pepperex to leading agencies such as FNATIC Which can go to read more details backwards inthis article

by competing in the list VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific will be a competition Day 2 which begins in June 29 and there will be 3 pairs of contestants in a wet tukan style consisting of

  • BLEED Esports vs Orangutan
  • One Team Esports vs. BOOM Esports
  • Fancy United Esports vs XERXIA

VALORANT-Challenger  -Ascension-2023-Pacific-Days-02-Schedule

For the competition in the first pair will be a competition in pairs. Blood Esports under the beloved Thai fans must meet orangutan One of the dark horse teams from India. which in the beginning with the degree of concentration of the beloved Thai people like Blood Esports who came out to show the intensity from the first map until making orangutan almost lost Therefore causing many people to speculate that “This battle should end sooner than expected”, but it turns out that the reality that happened was not like a dream.


Because in the next map like tied way coach of Blood Esports Decided to let the players play without pause to change the plan in any way, although BLEED Epsorts will cheat deathnhit the shallows back in the round Administrative Organization Yes, but in the end, they had to miss a confused defeat until they had to make excuses in the final map. decisive Finally, although the way Blood Esports will be able to recover his face and win a tight hand with a score 2-1 (13:6 12:14 , 13:10) so bad

As for the competition of the next couple will meet between One Team Esports vs. BOOM Esports Two teams from Taiwan and Indonesia If referring to the interview of Cercia who has come out to say

rehearsal Boom e-sports It’s quite tight on their hands.

Therefore, many people expect the work to be done well and in the early stages. Esports one team who started the competition as the first pair, had just missed out on representatives from Thailand Cercia So recently, many people guessed that ” Boom e-sports Should have eaten soft, or at least won. 2-1 certain ”


Although in the first map Boom e-sports will be able to do a great job in the map separate ready to win with difficulty But when it comes to the next map like climb which was selected by Esports one team Turns out Boom E-Sports They all lost their shape in a wrinkled manner, both in terms of shooting and fighting. Until the plan to attack different. Finally, it turns out that in the final map, the way Boom e-sports Still unable to react much and as a result, this victory went to Esports one team Dizzy and confused with the score 2-1 ( 9:13 , 13:6 , 13:8 ) so bad

And then came the competition in the last couple. It will be a competition in a pair of Fancy United Esports vs XERXIA Two favorite teams from Vietnam and Thailand after the first day, they both came out to show hot form. Along with putting out the skill to watch each other without a break


Until making the author guess that “This match must be close and in the end, the victory would probably belong to Cercia as usual,” but it turns out that the way Fancy United Esports threw a surprise plan in the face Cercia non-stop, including muzzle accuracy, superb attack tactics, and extreme gameplay resolution. thus making this victory go to Fancy United Esports go with score 2-0 just like that ( 13:4 , 13:7)

It is considered that the competition today is completed for the program. VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific by the competition of Day 3 will start in June 30 and there will be all subordinates competing together 3 A couple consists of

  • Bonkers vs Dplus Esports
  • Orangutan VS SCARZ
  • Boom Esports vs Fancy United Esports

VALORANT-Challenger  -Ascension-2023-Pacific-Days-03-Schedule

Finally, we have to wait and see which agency will be able to win the program. VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific Ready to go into the round playoffs successfully and which affiliation must helplessly pack their belongings back home We have to wait and follow each other.

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