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VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Americas Last Chance Qualifier The real dark horse KRU Esports beats all teams. Ready to advance to the Grand Final round as the first team


Thursday, July 20, 2023, 3:17:55 a.m. Indochina time

After the competition VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: America’s Last Chance Qualifiers Beginning, it made me realize that the agency is famous. KRU e-sports Able to produce a great first result Including having a very good development in the first battle, they came out to show their most intense performance by attacking a large team from Brazil at MIBR go with score 2-0 and was the first victory which makes it affiliated e-sports teacher Achievements can be unlocked. After successive defeats 9 addicted game (this article)

Of course, the “fullness” of e-sports teacher They will not end there because in the next battle will be the competition of KRU Esport vs FURIA EOne tight team from Brazil Although their performance right now may not be very stable. But I can say more than enough. angry It is one of the strongest agencies whose skills are quite good. In the end, this conclusion turned out to be e-sports teacher Pushed out to teach the Brazilian team in a ruinous way. along with offering a bullet without resting In the end, this victory went to team member e-sports go with score 2-1 (12:14 , 13:4 , 13:11) just like that

And then came the next match of e-sports teacher It will be a round competition. Upper semi-finals and this battle will have a system double elimination to use, thus allowing the defeated team to still have another chance, although the way e-sports teacher will have to meet with the tightest team like Leviathan Finally, with the intensity of both the fire and various plans, it makes even Leviathan was unable to resist Until resulting in this victory belonging to e-sports teacher fast with score 2-0 (13:5 , 13:7)

culminating in the final battle of e-sports teacher But because this competition will be an indicator of which team will have to compete in the lower line or which team will sit and wait in the round grand final therefore making them both ready to wear without vest For this battle will meet betweenKRU Esports vs Cloud 9 One of the favorites of this competition and because the competition is one of the best tickets This will allow them to step into success faster. Causing both teams to put together all the moves Until the picture of the game came out extremely close, causing both agencies to have to decide on the final map like Haven


But due to the excellent preparation of e-sports teacher Both in terms of using a clever game plan and sharp shooting that is excellent without rest. thus making even the favorites like cloud 9 Still unable to resist their strength Make this victory go to e-sports teacher Go without difficulty with a score 2-1 and resulted in them advancing to the rounds. final The most unexpected

Currently, the competition VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: America’s Last Chance Qualifiers will enter the round Lower Finals which is the last curve of the competition making it now only 3 The last team that will have to compete in the final round consists of

  • Cloud 9 (Lower Finals)
  • Leviatan (Lower Finals)
  • KRU Esports (Finals)


In the end, we have to wait and follow whether it is under the dark horse like e-sports teacher will be able to win ready to receive tickets to the final battle 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS Successful or not, or will it be a favorite team like cloud 9 and Leviathan to put your hand open first, you have to wait and follow each other

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