Home Gaming VALORANT Get to know KRU Esports, the dark horse agency that demolished the Americas LCQ favorites and won the championship undefeated.

VALORANT Get to know KRU Esports, the dark horse agency that demolished the Americas LCQ favorites and won the championship undefeated.

VALORANT Get to know KRU Esports, the dark horse agency that demolished the Americas LCQ favorites and won the championship undefeated.


Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 1:18:54 PM, Indochina time.

Although the competition on the list VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: LCQ It ended a few days ago. But it seems that the fun, fun and excitement in that battle has not faded away. therefore making today the way 4 gamers I would like to put forward one of the aftermaths of the list. VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: America’s Last Chance Qualifiers For this article, it’s about the out of sight agency that creates great results. Until he won the championship in a stupid way. e-sports teacher The details are outlined as follows.

for e-sports teacher Be affiliated with slots of southern latin america Even if the players within the team are in the same zone But there is a mix of different nationalities together, whether Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Brazil


of course e-sports teacher It’s not an agency that’s just starting to learn to make a team for the first time because they used to have a chance to shine in the industry. value since the year 2021 Although the work is not outstanding in the eyes Compared to other affiliates, but in every big competition e-sports teacher Often win tickets to join in every big competition, whether it is

  • VCT 2021: Master Stage 2 – Reykjavik
  • VCT 2021: Master Stage 3 – Berlin
  • VCT 2022: Master Stage 1 – Reykjavik
  • VCT 2022: Master Stage 2 – Copenhagen

until the year 2023 at the way value has made adjustments to the new competition format divided into 2 The format is

  • VALORANT League (Franchise) – will be chosen from riot all 3 zone. At first there will be only 30 team only
  • VALORANT Challengers Ascend to Heaven – have to pound each other to rank 1 in each zone and will be elected league for a time 2 year

Of course the way e-sports teacher which has a very stable financial base because the owner of the agency is a tight fit for world football players like Sergio Aguero Therefore, being elected to league not so difficult For the competition in the opening match of their list. VCT 2023: LOCK//IN Sao Paulo would be comparable to a list show match opening period It is therefore not surprising that many teams do not perform well and include team member e-sports the same


And this strange thing happened in the show. VCT 2023: American League because it seems that their shape is not very good, because e-sports teacher has been subordinate to many America collapse every week Although there are some weeks when they are able to perform well until they are even. But in the end, the conclusion of this battle turned out to be e-sports teacher crushed until receiving defeat 9 appointment

But if you have the opportunity to look at the past information of e-sports teacher It can be seen that the players within the affiliation are quite doing well because every match is always 9 match, they can compete with other affiliates evenly, where the problem is e-sports teacher Unable to close the game or sometimes play in a leak until most of them lose their own danger, and because of this crushing defeat, causing the agency to take the athlete back to talk big, including asking about the problem of what exactly happened After that let the competitors go home to rest. to reduce the tension they encountered more than 3 full moon

and arrived in the end of the year battle VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: America’s Last Chance Qualifiers that is an indicator of their destiny in the industry value Whether to go on or just because even though they do a pretty good job But if you can’t win, there’s no use.


By this battle e-sports teacher Decided to pick up the main players to use which before the first battle began, many people gave e-sports teacher is like a subordinate underdog and predicted that they would be the first team to wave goodbye But when it actually turns out that e-sports teacher push out to show form without rest Ready to manage every team in a crushing way Until soaring up into the round grand final Finally, with the full concentration of e-sports teacher Thus making it possible to win by eliminating such affiliates as Leviathan ruined with score 3 – 1 and get a plane ticket to The successfully

Finally, although this great battle has just ended, but it seems that the way riot Will not want the competitors to have a lot of rest because in early August there will be a competition. 2023 VALORANT CHAMPIONS was organized and the way e-sports teacher will be one of the first agencies of the opening match that will have to meet with the candidates of Pacific at Paper Rex Have to wait and see if they will be able to break the tense team from Pacific And how far can you prove yourself? For this battle, we have to wait and follow each other.


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