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VALORANT leaked the animation of the new MAGEPUNK 3.0 collection, designed to look good and extremely collectible.


Thursday, May 25, 2023, 3:11:12 a.m. Indochina time

After a few days before 4 gamers had the opportunity to present about the new skin collection planned to enter the game. value at MAGEPUNK 3.0 which comes with popular guns ghost and knife butterfly cool, able to read more details inthis article

Most recently, a few hours ago on the channel YouTube of Valorant SkinSportlight An animation video of the collection has been uploaded. MAGEPUNK 3.0 come out to be seen The interesting thing about this collection is the body. butterfly The posture while pressing the right-click attack has been changed. Including the blade also has a special effect as a stream of lightning that will run through the molded blade.

Including the gun skins within the collection like ghost and barbaric which is made out to look good and is quite interesting even though the gun barbaric It may sound a bit strange, but in terms of guns, the Phantom is considered to be well made and worth collecting quite a bit.

Also within the collection MAGEPUNK 3.0 This will give the opportunity to upgrade the skin. Including changing the color of the skin up to 3 model consisting of

  • red black
  • blue green
  • yellow white

Of course, within the new collection like MAGEPUNK 3.0 also have both player card to collect together and there is a possibility that gun friend It may also be available to pick up and use for decorating different guns as well, which must wait for the next follow-up.

Finally MAGEPUNK 3.0 There are plans to enter the game officially. May 30, 2023 For those who are looking for a knife butterfly cool or skin ghost and barbaric This will enhance the shooting even better. More or less, of course.

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