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VALORANT, Paper Rex team, the god of war reigns supreme, the DRX champion advances to the VCT Pacific League finals.


Monday, May 22, 2023, 6:19:04 PM, Indochina time

The Big Match for the VCT 2023 Pacific League Upper Bracket Finals between Paper Rex and DRX has concluded. by being the God of War team, clashing with the W plan, holding back 2 Duelist, chasing DRX overwhelmingly, 2 maps with scores 13:5 and 13:6

As a result, Paper Rex became the first VCT 2023 Pacific League team to reach the Grand Finals. As for the blue dragon army, DRX has to fall to the lower line waiting for the results of the other 2 host teams, Gen.G and T1, who are currently competing.

Paper Rex’s form in the playoffs says “The more you play, the better.” Whether it’s a matter of sharpness that shoots out of everyone’s fields and playing plans that surprise many playoff rounds Which tells me that if the form of Paper Rex is still like this And other teams still can’t find a solution, the first VCT 2023 Pacific League title is probably inevitable in their hands is quite high.

The map that Paper Rex lurks and puts to use, and the immediate result is that they swapped something, the new Duelist player on the team, into the Initiator Breach and bringing Jason f0rsaken back into the Duelist. The protagonist like Neon goes to combo with his best friend Jinggg in Fracture map, which is expected that the team that made it to the finals will have to choose to ban this map because otherwise they will encounter a plan W stuck. of Neon and Raze from f0rsaken and Jinggg.

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