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VALORANT players are confused when the dizzying system gives away rewards for the episode that do not match the rank level achieved.


Sunday, January 15, 2023, 3:41 PM 07 PM, Indochina time.

after the game frames per second famous as value has jumped into Chapter 6, Act 1 official, which comes with Battle Pass New, new map and the return of the old map separate which can read more details atthis article

Of course, every time the game enters when New, it will be the time of the giveaway of hanging guns. Given to the player will be a rank reward. Based on the highest rank achieved in each when But because the game in Chapter 5 A new rank has been added. ascendant thus causing the system to cause an error And there are many players encountering such problems everywhere.


credit : Mike | Valorant Leaks & News

The problem is that the system Giving away hanging guns at the wrong rank level, for example, some people can climb the rank up to ascendant But the rewards received with the level diamond or some people are so severe that they can climb up diamond Yes, but the rewards are given on a level basis. gold so bad

and with widespread problems As a result, the team came out to acknowledge the problem before announcing later that The team has solved the problem. By distributing prizes to meet the highest rank already which only takes time to fix 1 – 2 day only

It seems that this problem will be fixed. and ends well But it seems that some players are still having issues with the rank reward system. value in Chapter 6 this whether

  • Many people still haven’t received rewards based on rank.
  • Some people are worth it. Because I got both the wrong giveaway and the new one
  • Some people have received the correct rank rewards. but the number of high 4 ever (Normally, only one person 2 an extension 1 episode )

We have to wait and see when the team will call back the prize that was given out wrongly. Or maybe let the player get some profit must see next

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