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VALORANT Reveals First Half of Teams and Members for VCT 2023 Pacific League


Monday, March 13, 2023, 3:50 p.m. 19 p.m. Indochina time.

Although the domestic competition has just ended. But it seems that the schedule for this period does not have much time to take a break. Because only a few weeks later the new competition level. league of items VCT 2023 Pacific League was prepared to start every time In addition, the competition dragged on for a long time. 3 Full month until it can be said that we have watched each other until our eyes are wet. which can read more details atthis article

by competing in the list VCT 2023 Pacific League In addition to the longer competition 3 month already, this competition will have all the teams that have participated. 10 teams, and although all are teams in the zone Pacific But some teams, many readers, may be unfamiliar or may not be aware of their strength. and to make the viewing even more enjoyable, thus making the way 4 gamers will introduce a list of teams Including various members, which will only be brought forward 5 First, which team will be there, we have to wait and follow each other.

1. Talon Esports

Help until you don’t know how to help. for the representative team from Thailand and create excellent results in the list LOCK//IN Sao Paulo After getting two new players to replace including grab esprit to come back to be active in the industry again Therefore making it another team to watch and if nothing goes wrong claw e-sports should be one of the favorite teams to win tickets to the program VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo this time too

  • esprit” esprit “Chai Wong
  • Fox “Beautiful
  • give us” Mental Boys “beautiful bird
  • Thanamet” Kras Mahathananuyut
  • Apiwath” Garnet S Apirak Sukhumal
  • disease ” Sushi Boy “Sap Siriros

2. DRX

will say that it is a ranked team 1 zone Pacific It would not be wrong at all. due to the ability to play with a system Including the scheme is excellently designed. Therefore making many teams that J wants to be able to fight and with that Dr. X Be a team set before entering As a result, they may be defeated by the gardening team because it will cause the team to lose the system. But if they catch the way or the plan is altered, it will make the bad luck return to the opposing team immediately.

  • Kim stack Gu-taek
  • Kim zest “Kiseok
  • glue ” baht Sungmin
  • Kim Mako “Myeong-Kwan
  • U Buzz Byung Chul
  • Jung ” Foxy 9 “Jaesung

3. Gen.

It is considered another team from South Korea that comes with many seasoned and skilled players, whether meteor and K1D Although in the latest items like LOCK//IN Sao Paulo They won’t come out to show much skill. Because having to meet with the strongest team like as from the first round But overall, it can be considered that they have done a pretty good job. due to ranking 2 Of the competition must be asthmatic on the map. decisive came, which had to wait and see that in the round competition Le This, how much they can show their potential, must continue to follow.

  • Kim meteor “Color-O
  • Lee ” k1Ng “Seung Won
  • Kang Introduction “Seung Gyun
  • U bts “Taesok
  • agree eco “Wang Ryong
  • Kim secret “Ha Jin

4. World-class esports

One of the representative teams from India, but instead has a mix of players of many nationalities, such as Korea, Canada, Australia and Indonesia, each of which is known as a very famous player in our home zone. whether to be Monkey, Vronsky or t3xture Although in the latest tournament they will be the team that has to go home first. But from what I’ve heard, it seems like their previous show was missing one of the main members. which had to wait and see that in the list VCT 2023 Pacific League This, how much will that player be able to fill in the missing part? We have to wait and follow each other.

  • Jordan ” Ayrin ” he
  • garden ” Buzzy Jun Ki
  • Michael Vronsky ” Vronsky
  • Kim t3xture “Na-Ra
  • light” monkey Nugraha
  • “Discussion” lightning fast Choudhury
  • Ganesha cross Gangadhar
  • Chaiyan Z skill “Rames

5. Rex Regam Kyuon

Finally, with a team of representatives from Indonesia that comes with the most powerful power, whether Tehbotol , EJAY , fl1pzjder and lmemore which are all famous players in our home zone Until making it another team that is very much worth watching in this competition. Although in the past they will be defeated by the dark horse team from turkey at FUT esports But have to wait and see, after being beaten back in a numb way, they will be able to produce good results in this competition. We have to wait and follow each other.

  • James 2nd place “Gupi
  • David tea jar “Monang In
  • Erol Christmas” eyes dolphin
  • Emmanuel” Emman “Morales
  • Saibani” fl1pzjder Rahmat
  • Hokkai” lmemore grow up

Finally, the competition in the program VCT 2023 Pacific League will start from March 25 – May 28 which we have to wait and see 3 Which team will be able to win? Ready to receive tickets to enter the competition in the program Masters Tokyo 2023 and Champions 2023 To win, we have to wait and follow each other.

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