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VALORANT Reveals Team and Members for Second Half of VCT 2023 Pacific League


Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 4:10:51 PM, Indochina time.

It’s almost starting to come every time for the competition in the list. VCT 2023 Pacific League that will come with a long competition 3 full moon with 10 team in the zone Pacific The most strong, which will contain the details of the competition, can read more details atthis article

In the past, we have had the opportunity to present 5 The team that will compete in the program VCT 2023 Pacific League in the first halfthis article But because the competition has a team to participate. 10 The team, therefore, today we will ask to talk about the rest of the teams that are not inferior in skill. 5 The previous team, which will have any teams, must continue to follow.

1. Paperex

If talking about the zone Pacific Then everyone gave Dr. X Be the best team to set the plan decisively as the rank 1 way Paper Rex would be ranked 1 in the field of pressing w Freeze while throwing a bullet without showing anyone’s face In which the players in the current set are all familiar faces, whether it is f0rsakeN , Jink and Benkai etc. Including one of the interesting things about the agency is the story of famous Thai players like S cigarettes Which was invited to join the team at the end of the year 2022 and have to wait and see if his arrival will help the team Paper Rex How much can be raised, we have to wait and follow each other.

  • Kalich” d4v41 “Rus is kind
  • Aaron” freaked out “Leon Hart
  • Benedict ” Benkai “Tan
  • Jason CauseN Susanto
  • Wang Jing “Jing Chi
  • esprit” CGR Posri

2. Team Secret

Considered another team that can’t be mentioned because they just created a big phenomenon in the program. lock // enter by crushing the way Team Liquid and caused many people to lose zero for team secret They were originally a fairly strong team. But after getting a skilled player invoice came in, making them even stronger than ever before. Which must wait to follow each other closely to see what miracles they will create in the competition after this to surprise each other? We have to wait and follow each other.

  • Jim Borkum Tim Breza
  • Jessie Jessie Watch Christie Cuyko
  • JV DubsteP “voluptuous
  • Jeremy Jeremy “Cabrera
  • Adrian” invoice “Reyes
  • Lionel want to be “Lim

3. Zeta Division

For the definition of ZETA DIVISION, let’s call it ” Team Power. Shonen” This is the best definition of this team because they always show off their potential. Until turning to win during times when the team is always in crisis, even in the latest list like lock // enter The ZETA DIVISION will not show much skill because they lost in the first round. But for the competition in the League round, it can be guaranteed that they are another team that is fearful and even less forbidden.

  • slender bar Takebayashi
  • enter ” crow dry
  • Yuma the revenue department Hashimoto
  • at ” Lass ” there
  • Shota” Sugar Z3ro “Watanabe
  • try ” ten “Acai

4. Focus Me Explosion

A Japanese affiliate that combines players of two nationalities. which consists of Japanese bloodline and Korean bloodline For the interest of this agency is to grab the tightness of the industry. value at I send and xn friday former player from the team the North Which must wait and see that in this round of competition they will be able to show how much hidden skills they have to wait and follow.

  • Ryumon” stadium“Oshiro
  • Tomoki” xn friday “Moriya
  • Shoko” such as “Takemori
  • Yoshitaka” royal anthem “Enomoto
  • garden ” I send Sungmin
  • fiddle recommend “Jae Yeon


Another famous agency that gathers famous players from the industry. frames per second whether line,sayaplayer,flat and famous players from different teams together, thus making Tee 1 It’s another team worth following. and skilled 9 The previous team

  • Joseph ” prohibit Sungmin Oh.
  • Kim Beom Joon Beom Joon
  • Byun” munchkins Sang Bom
  • ha” saya player Jung Woo
  • son ” line “Son Ho
  • Lee ” carp Jae Hyuk

Finally, the competition in the program VCT 2023 Pacific League will start from March 25 – May 28 which we have to wait and see 3 Which team will be able to win? Ready to receive tickets to enter the competition in the program Masters Tokyo 2023 and Champions 2023 To win, we have to wait and follow each other.

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