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VALORANT Streamer JimmyJam Gets Stupidly Banned At Riot Games Headquarters


Wednesday, May 24, 2023, 2:15:12 PM Indochina time

When VALORANT first launched, Riot Games brought in what it calls VALORANT Vanguard. Its primary function is to prevent any form of VALORANT cheats or VALORANT pros, but some players are frustrated with VALORANT. Vanguard because the program will ask for permission to access our computer. Causing some people to feel uncomfortable for fear of leaking personal information

But the effectiveness of VALORANT Vanguard still receives a lot of criticism from VALORANT players because VALORANT cheats are still going viral. Because VALORANT hackers are always looking for a way to hack Vanguard every time the fist camp upgrades their Anti Cheat program, and the other thing is that Vanguard will crash and ban players after encountering an invalid program. normal in the machine Until causing some players who do not use the pro to be banned often

And one of the VALORANT Vangurd blunders said that Because that person is VALORANT streamer JimmyJam, but what made this news go viral is because when JimmyJam got banned he was streaming VALORANT playing games with friends at Riot HQ (Riot Games Headquarters).

Before JimmyJam was banned, he just took a photo to show on Twitter that he is now. And friends were playing VALORANT at Riot Games headquarters or Riot HQ, but as you know, JimmyJam has since been banned by VALORANT Vanguard.

The cause of JimmyJam being attacked by VALORANT Vangurd is unknown, with many speculating that they may have been invited by Riot Games to pre-test the new VALORANT game mechanics, and Vangurd himself must have detected the files at VALORANT. So unusual that JimmyJam got banned or not ? In this section, it is still a question that many people are still wondering.

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