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VALORANT The RIOT team attacked the developer of the Recon Bolt program and ordered it to be shut down as soon as possible.


Friday, July 21, 2023, 4:08:15 a.m. Indochina time

Back when the period 2 – 3 a month ago the game value The festival was born.” install ” very fast from many home players until making tenz famous competitors of the agency garrison To have encountered such an event must still be dizzy, and later the audience came out to answer that “they used the program. corner bolt in helping”

by program recon bolt That will allow players to easily do everything through the mobile application and do not need to be in front of their computer, whether

  • Quick character selection before the game finishes loading.
  • corrections in part load such as gun skins, sprays, to player card various
  • can check” Race history ” on application get complete
  • Including daily shop inspections without having to enter any game at all


Of course, with the comfort that everyone calls for. As a result, many players, whether in the country or abroad, brought together the program. recon bolt came out to use widely The program became widely discussed a few months later.

But it seems that such a program can come out “not like RIOT much”, so the team decided to send a message to the developer of the program. recon bolt directly with a decisive order that “to stop developing such programs” Of course, when being ordered to slaughter a house like this As a result, the developer came out to cancel the development of the program. recon bolt and announced to prepare to withdraw the said program in June 20, 2023 past

In the end, I have to admit that it’s a game to solve problems that are quite fast. For the way riot because the program recon bolt Rather to make out a very wrong principle of the game. Including taking advantage of other players in the extreme, therefore making the decision to shut down the program system as soon as possible, it may be better than allowing players to use it everywhere However, in the future riot May be interested in the “pre-selection” system and then apply it within the game. which will be true whether or not we have to wait and follow each other

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