Home Gaming VALORANT, the Tier 0 reporter of the VALORANT industry, came out to reveal information again. ready to predict the possibility that will happen

VALORANT, the Tier 0 reporter of the VALORANT industry, came out to reveal information again. ready to predict the possibility that will happen

VALORANT, the Tier 0 reporter of the VALORANT industry, came out to reveal information again.  ready to predict the possibility that will happen


Thursday, July 13, 2023, 8:06:29 a.m. Indochina time

After a few days before the way ” P’Wan Cuteboy “Subordinate Owner myth and FPS Thailand Has come out to mention the players who participated in the competition. show match of items VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Pacific: Ascension that there are plans to change the affiliation with many subordinates You can read more details atthis article

Before going further into the content, the author has the opportunity to watch the program “ FULL SENSE TALK Chapter 11 ” will be an updated list of information about the industry value both domestically and internationally, which at the end of the program OBI The presenter spoke about the progress of the current team adjustment. with spoilers, interesting information, whether

  • obi said the way full feeling Still in the “old player test” phase, collecting player data within the team throughout July for a period of 1 month in order to use the data for selecting players whether to keep it or bid farewell to grow
  • It has been announced that various organizations are planning to make major changes to their players. which consists of
    • sharper sports 3 players have been released, consisting of Cheney Cheney and Leviathan
    • NKT team Strengthen the players because TRUE Left the agency to join as FULL SENSE Streamer
    • attack all around release all players 2 people (presumably Lammie Nax and potter )
    • myth There are plans to adjust the players. 1 – 2 people (presumably buttons and P.T.C. that may be jammed under a giant Talon Esports )
    • the end of the list leaf which is coach of myth has stopped by to tease all 3 program hosts, thus making the way obi Came out and said, “You’ve got the person you want.”
      • If guessing from the above sentence therefore ensuring that ” myth There should definitely be a change to the players, and there is a possibility that the agency myth May grab a skilled player like kntz Come to reinforce the army due to outstanding performance and smart play. Causing such players to be targeted by many agencies, quite a bit

Recently, it seems that journalists level 0 This person will feel itchy in his hand because after sharper sports announced the release of skilled players like Leviathan Elder Waen came out and said briefly that ” Leviathan Go Som ” and of course ” Under the Orange ” Now there is only full feeling only that seems to be the most possible

In addition, with the latest announcement of full feeling with a penalty for the main player electricity presiding supervisor At present, it is possible that full feeling May decide not to renew the contract of such players. cause the coming of Leviathan It can be considered quite suitable and answers quite a few questions. Due to their corresponding position and his performance was not inferior to each other, therefore Leviathan There is a high probability that it will enter the affiliation. full feeling As a main player, that’s fine.

In addition, P’Wan also came out to reveal briefly that ” reunion Big way.”

  • The most likely is full feeling announce pull Lammie Nax back as IGL of the team
    • or no way full feeling might grab P.T.C. come together, but personally think that it is likely to be difficult because P.T.C. may be considered subordinate myth At present, it is already quite perfect and if it really moves, it may go with a big agency like Talon Esports or Blood Esports lose more
  • If referring to the words of Phi Waen about ” reunion “It is also possible that a former skilled player kntz May come back to wade again in the old house like myth that he used to create works when he was with the team CS: go last year 2016 But this time referred to as a player. value instead

Finally, there are some interesting rumors as well as speculations of the author himself. However, such content may be wrong or inaccurate because it is just ” only conjecture “Please use discretion in media consumption. The details are outlined as follows.

  • The story of famous players like ” recite ” There are rumors that it will return to compete again in the year. 2024 and there is a possibility that he may come to show his skills to the agency Blood Esports
  • When I got to know about “Affiliation myth May have changed players. 1 – 2 People” while writing the article makes the author secretly think that or a player like buttons and AloNeFillz may fill the void of Blood Esports It is also possible
  • Many people talk about it. Sushi Boy which now almost becomes a substitute for Talon Esports In a really serious way, causing many people to secretly expect that the person may decide to move out to play for the team. Blood Esports Or come back and show your skills to the team. Level 2 and create a new legend just like scary It is quite interesting as well.



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