Home Gaming Vampire Survivors is coming to four-player local co-op!

Vampire Survivors is coming to four-player local co-op!

Vampire Survivors is coming to four-player local co-op!


Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. 00 p.m. Indochina time.

The awesome and fun Vampire Survivors game is coming to Nintendo Switch, and you’ll have another way to play it on the go or on your TV. When Poncle’s hit game hits the Switch on August 17, the base game will cost $5 and both expansions will cost $2. as well

Best of all, a 4-player local co-op mode is coming to all platforms. This means you can kill thousands of enemies with the help of up to three friends. This new mode will also be available on August 17th. While there is no official support for online co-op play, Poncle stated in the FAQ that you will be able to work around this workaround by using Steam Remote Play Together.

Vampire Survivors launched on Steam in late 2021 and later came to Xbox and mobile devices. for new players The game allows you to choose a character with a starting weapon and unique abilities. Your weapon will fire automatically. The only way you can play is to run and smash your weapons and choose the option of upgrades or new weapons and abilities as you level up.

The game lasts up to 30 minutes per round, or longer if you figure out how to survive the endless swarms of death, which makes Vampire Survivors a great game to play on the go. (or any other time if to be honest)


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