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What are popular Fake MrBeast Giveaway Scams?


MrBeast is known for giving ways of huge amounts and things of great value. Many bad actors have taken inspiration and are running the same as scams. In this guide, we explain what are popular fake MrBeast giveaway scams.

What are popular Fake MrBeast Giveaway Scams?

MrBeast is one of the biggest and most popular YouTubers in the world. He gives away millions and spends millions of dollars on his videos. Most of his videos have people participating in challenges to earn money that ranges from $10K to millions of dollars. Most people become desperate to join his challenges and fall prey to scams by scammers using his name. Let’s see what are some scams that happen in his name.

What are popular Fake MrBeast Giveaway Scams?

The following are some of the known scams that use the name or brand MrBeast to fraud people.

  1. Fake Giveaways on YouTube and TikTok
  2. Fake Ads promoting apps
  3. Survey scams
  4. Gift card giveaway scam
  5. Pop-up scam

Let’s get into the details of each scam that happens in the name of MrBeast to which MrBeast has no information or relation.

1] Fake Giveaways on YouTube and TikTok

mrbeast fake giveaway 1

As MrBeast is known for his giveaways, scammers use the same aspect about him claiming they are giving away some money, iPhones, or something expensive on YouTube and TikTok platforms. The accounts they use to promote these fake giveaways look as legitimate as the original MrBeast account. To avail of the giveaways, they ask you to visit a website and click on links that are spam, malware, or ransomware. These kinds of scams are used to generate traffic to websites and earn some ad revenue. These scams work even to phish the desperate people who click on links and use their personal information for illegal activities.

2] Fake Ads promoting apps

Fake ads MrBeast

Fraudsters run fake ads on major social media platforms and ask people to sign up on some apps to be eligible to get the giveaway money or gift. They lure people to download the apps on their devices, sign up, and give information about them. They work well as they claim to be giving a considerable amount of money that seems big. In the end, people would not get any money or gifts, but the app gets thousands of sign-ups in MrBeast’s name, and the downloads increase. To make the ads more convincing, they use AI-generated deepfake videos, and audios that look as good as MrBeast and sound like him.

3] Survey scams

fake survey on MrBeast name

People are lured to complete surveys in MrBeast’s name and earn the money. The fake surveys can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other surveying platforms with a lot of questions that collect a lot of information from people. With the reward that they are going to get at the end in mind, people give away all the details that are asked in the survey believing it is the real MrBeast’s survey. This poses a serious threat to privacy and data loss.

4] Gift card giveaway scam

MrBeast fake giftcard giveaway scam

Gift cards come with the convenience of redeeming anywhere, both online and offline. Due to the same nature of them, people fall prey to fake gift card giveaway contests. People are lured into watching videos, downloading, installing, and sign up for apps, and forced to give their personal information with gift cards as bait.

5] Pop-up scam

Mrbeast pop up scam

If you visit a new website while you are searching for something and land on a scamming website, you might get a pop-up on MrBeast’s name asking you to claim rewards. The pop-up asks you to watch some videos, click links, download and sign up on apps, and give your PayPal email and other information to claim the reward, which never comes.

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How to avoid fake MrBeast scams?

It is a fact that Mr. Beast gives away money or things only through his videos. Whatever he does, he makes content out of it and uploads it on his YouTube channel. You need to understand that he never asks you to install apps, visit websites, complete surveys, or do anything else in ads or some other forms except for in his videos. The scams that happen in his name just collect information and get clicks, views, and some ad revenue.

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How do I contact MrBeast?

You may contact MrBeast via his social media accounts like X (Twitter) and Instagram. Those are the only mediums of communication available to contact him. His email is neither publicly available nor a way to contact him. He is managed by a team, and if you know his teammates, you can try contacting him through them.

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What are popular Fake MrBeast Giveaway Scams?

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