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What is Geek Squad Scam Email? How to protect yourself?


Geek Squad is a popular, legitimate multinational consumer electronics retailer that provides various technology support and services, including technical support, installation services, etc. It is a subsidiary of multinational consumer electronics corporation Best Buy, headquartered in the USA.  But the Geek Squad name occasionally gets exploited by threat actors who send deceptive emails. Most of us, at some time or the other, may have received emails purporting to be from Geek Squad containing messages about PC issues, software problems, password reset or the need for immediate action regarding payment Auto-renewal. In this post, we talk about Geek Squad scam emails and how to protect yourself.

What is Geek Squad Scam Email? How to protect yourself?

What are these Geek Squad Scam Emails?

Geek Squad Email Scam is a phishing attempt where the scammers impersonate support and service providers from Geek Squad. In these scams, users get fraud emails that appear to be from Geek Squad. These contain alarming messages about security issues, software problems, or the need for immediate action and a link to fix the issue. They usually read something like this:

Your Subscription with GEEK SQUAD will Renew Today and $349.99 is about to be Debited from your account by Today. The Debited Amount will be reflected within the next 24. In case of any further clarifications or block the auto-renewal service please reach out Customer Help Center. Description Quantity Unit Price Total Geek Squad Best Buy Service (One Year Subscription). If you didn’t authorize this Charge, you have 24 Hrs. To cancel & get an instant refund of your annual subscription, please contact our customer care.

Once these links are clicked, they open malicious websites and install malware on the recipient’s device. It can then steal the user’s sensitive information, such as login credentials, personal details, or financial information.

Geek Squad Email Phishing scams

Opening a spam email typically won’t harm your computer. However, the real risk comes from downloading attachments or clicking links within the email, which can unleash malware like Trojans. It is best to be cautious and avoid interaction with the content to prevent potential security threats.

How to protect yourself from Geek Squad Email Phishing scams?

Phishing is a cyberattack using which scammers steal user’s sensitive data. This is done by sending spam emails, messages, etc. However, you can follow some simple suggestions and protect yourself from phishing:

  1. Verify Authenticity
  2. Look for Red Flags
  3. Never Share Sensitive Information
  4. Add Spam Filters to your Email
  5. Keep your Software and Antivirus Updated

Now, let’s see these in detail.

1] Verify Authenticity

Start by checking the sender’s email address. This is because phishers and scammers often try to mimic real email addresses. If you find the mail suspicious, don’t click on links or open any attachments. You should always take some precautions before you click on any link.

The official link to their website is geeksquad.com or bestbuy.com/site/services/geek-squad/pcmcat138100050018.c.

2] Look for Red Flags

Phishing emails and messages generally contain some spelling mistakes, ask for sensitive information, use urgent or threatening language, or redirect the user to suspicious websites. In our experience, emails that contain any of these can try to steal your data.

In case you are in doubt, you can use the free services of any one of these URL Scanners to check the genuinity of any website.

3] Never Share Sensitive Information

If you doubt any email or website, prefer not to enter sensitive information like credit/debit card details as it can be a phishing attempt. However, if you need to enter card details, use a credit card number generator website.

4] Add Spam Filters to your Email

Always enable spam filters on your email as they automatically filter potentially malicious messages. Keep checking your spam folder to ensure any important emails aren’t being marked as spam.

5] Keep your Software and Antivirus Updated

Lastly, keep your device’s antivirus and OS updated and updated with the latest security patches. This is because scammers can exploit vulnerabilities and launch phishing attacks.

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We hope this post helps you.

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How do I stop being scammed by phishing?

To make sure you don’t get scammed by phishing, make sure you never share any sensitive data like your credit card or social security number. Also, keep your operating system and antivirus updated.

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How can I stop phishing emails?

To stop phishing emails, enable spam filters and two-factor authentication for your account. Also, ensure you do not share any information by clicking on links and installing any malware accidentally. But again, this can only control the amount of spam and not totally stop it!

What is Geek Squad Scam Email? How to protect yourself?

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