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What is the best time to go shopping or to a bar according to Google Maps


Google has analyzed rush hour traffic in recent years to recommend the best times to prepare your Christmas parties.

What is the best time to go shopping or to a bar according to Google Maps

Google helps you prepare and celebrate your Christmas holidays with its new tips.

Google knows that Maps It is one of the most used tools throughout this Christmas, especially by those who take advantage of the holidays to visit new places. For that reason, the company has wanted share some tricks who can help us travel during the holidays be more comfortable and easy.

To do this, it has taken advantage of the information collected over the years, and thus recommend the best times to shop or prepare for the Christmas holidaysavoiding crowds of people.

What time should I go shopping? Google reveals the best hours to avoid crowds

According to Google, to offer these suggestions it has analyzed the concurrency information of Google Maps users at peak hours, in order to determine what are the best and worst hours to visit different places during the holidays.

With this in mind, these are the suggestions that the company offers us:

  • The best time to travel: “According to data from 2021, the worst time to be on the road in Spain is December 23 between 5 and 6 in the afternoon. A little later, around eight, things improve, according to data from Maps. “
  • When is it better to visit bakeries or pastry shops: “Do you want a sweet? On Sundays at 11 in the morning you will most likely have to queue at the bakery. If you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend that you go on Tuesdays at 4 in the afternoon.”
  • What time to go to the supermarket: “Have you already made the shopping list with everything you need for your guests to give you the wave? The time when neighborhood stores and supermarkets are busiest are Sundays at 12 noon. Mondays 3 in the afternoon is when they are calmest.”
  • When to send your gifts at the post office: “Not all of us can deliver our gifts with a sleigh, but we can plan when we stop by the post office. Try to go first thing on Monday morning to avoid the queues, and try to finish before 11 in the morning. “
  • Visit shopping centers avoiding crowds: “If you go to a shopping center to buy gifts, try to do it on a Sunday at 5 in the afternoon, you will finish sooner than it takes to say “Oh, white Christmas.” But if you happen to go on a Saturday at noon, you will you will regret it.”
  • Get a hole in the bars: “Depending on the kind of person you are, a crowded bar can be perfect for partying… or your worst nightmare. If you want a great atmosphere, drop by on a Saturday around 10 pm.”
  • Best time to go to the hairdresser: “It doesn’t matter if you only want to cut the ends or if you want to do a complete one: make an appointment at the hairdresser for a Sunday at 6 in the afternoon. Much better than a Thursday at 6, because it is likely that they no longer have hours .”
  • When is it better to go to the pharmacy?: “Do you have to stock up on any medicine before going away for a few days? Pharmacies are usually busiest on Tuesdays at 11 am and quietest on Mondays at 2 pm.”

Of course, the recommendations serve as general suggestions, but everything will depend on the area and the place you want to visit. In any case, it can be useful if you want to avoid meeting too many people at the same time during your Christmas and New Year preparations.

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