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What is Updater.exe process I see in Task Manager of Windows 11


Every application you run on Windows comes with a component program that updates it. So, if you are using Google Chrome or Google Earth, it runs a GoogleUpdate.exe application that checks if an update is available and then updates it based on the settings. However, if you don’t see it anymore but instead see a process updater.exe in the Task Manager of Windows 11/10, there is a reason for that.

What is Updater.exe process I see in Task Manager of Windows 11

What is Updater.exe process I see in Task Manager?

Google has rolled out an update for all its applications, such as Google Earth, Google Drive, Chrome, etc. This update brings two significant changes.

Starting with Chrome v123, GoogleUpdate.exe has been renamed to updater.exe and the location has changed.

According to Google, it’s the same program but with a different name.

While most consumers won’t even be bothered about it, if you are curious and want to ensure that any running program is not malware, then you know it’s not.

The old part of the Google Update program was:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe

The new location is changed to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\GoogleUpdater\VERSION\updater.exe

The previous path will continue until the transition is fully completed to ensure that things do not break until the rollout.

Is updater.exe or update.exe a virus or malware?

The updater.exe or update.exe name feels ambiguous as it is a common name. Malware can be named anything. And so, it is important that you see its location and the File Properties,

If you see updater.exe in your Task Manager and wonder if it’s a virus or malware, there are two ways to check.

  • First, ensure location is set to C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\GoogleUpdater\VERSION\updater.exe
  • Check the file information and notice if it has a label similar to Copyright 2024 Google LLC.

Google Updater Digital Signature

Further, you can check if it has a digital signature under details. This will ensure that updater.exe is not a rouge program.

If the updater.exe file is located elsewhere, it could be a virus.

How to remove update.exe virus?

Scan with Microsoft Defender Google Updater

If the file turns out to be a virus, it’s best to remove it. The easy way to do this is to right-click on the file and scan it with your PC’s antivirus program. The program will be quantified. Ensure to run a complete check to remove any hidden program that might be installing this. Run a boot-time scan with Defender or Avast for best results.

I hope the post was helpful and you are clear about the update.exe program in the Windows Task Manager.

What is the Windows Update process in Task Manager?

The Windows Update process in Task Manager is a legitimate Microsoft process that runs in the background, checking for and installing updates from Microsoft. It helps the system check for, download, and install updates, for Windows and other Microsoft products.

Is Chrome Developer safe?

Using Chrome Developer Mode regularly is not recommended, as it disables security features to give developers more control. This makes your device more susceptible to malware and cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is advised to enable Developer Mode only if you know the potential risks and require it for specific development purposes.

What is Updater.exe process I see in Task Manager of Windows 11

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