Home Tech What will really change with the new EU regulation on batteries

What will really change with the new EU regulation on batteries

What will really change with the new EU regulation on batteries


Everybody quiet. The new EU regulations will not bring back mobile phones with removable batteries of yesteryear, or at least they don’t have to suppose so… We will clarify everything you need to know!

What will really change with the new EU regulation on batteries
The guts of an iPhone with its battery in the foreground: Apple fixes it with adhesives.

Let’s put the dots on the i’s. Because yes, the European Union has approved its new environmental regulations for electronic devices with a specific heading for “Batteries and batteries and their waste” that has generated rivers of ink and much confusionbut after which nobody had put the batteries, worth the redundancy, to explain clearly what the announcement of the EU and the new rules means that will enter into force already in the year 2027.

The first thing is no. Do not worry. Mobile phones with removable batteries are not coming back. Or at least not entirely as we knew them.

We’ve all been quick to affirm it, us includedthat effectively in 2027 smartphones and tablets with removable batteries would return. But actually this is not what the text approved by the European Union explainsso i need to clarify a bit what does it mean what they want in Brussels.

Batteries that can be removed and replaced in seconds are not coming back, nor are the polycarbonate covers of yesteryear, or at least not for all devices.

The original idea is avoid planned obsolescence as far as possible for devices with a useful life, especially by making available to users the option to easily repair and renew components, even at homeusing original spare parts and detailed guides that must be made available to users.

So, and understanding that Batteries are precisely one of the most delicate componentsThis text goes a little further in this idea, referring precisely to energy accumulators, which from 2027 They must come assembled without special screws or fastening gluesallowing us to easily replace them with common tools.

What the new regulations do clearly define is that all manufacturers will have to install common screws and avoid glues, so that the replacement of the battery in particular is extremely simple to do.

This is similar to what we already knewdoesn’t change much so The removable batteries of yesteryear will not return under polycarbonate covers, or at least they will not in all ranges and qualities. What there will be is the need to facilitate accessso we’ll see how these rules are adapted to the need to install common screws and do not use gluesomething basic in the IPxx certifications of resistance to liquids.

Besides, for completing the most important information of the new text approved by the European Union, much more emphasis is placed on the digital passports that control the production of batteries and how they are recycled after their useful life.

A Google Pixel smartphone being repaired

Google has already announced an agreement with iFixit so that you can get spare parts and guides to repair your Pixel phones.

Thus, standards are defined that affect the energy storage components from their manufacture until they are withdrawnincluding its recycling and the revision or elimination of the defective or irreparable ones. This doesn’t just affect mobile phones.but also to electric cars, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles and in general any product that incorporates batteriesalso industrial machines.

This passport must include information about battery capacity, performance, durability and chemical compositionin addition to specific symbols for selective collection and recycling. So something very important e-waste was being recycled in an absolutely uncontrolled way amidst the rest of the debris.

We are not going to extend much more. We have already given a few brushstrokes and We hope that this information clarifies what will happen in 2027 a bit.that it will not mean (or at least it does not have to suppose it) the return of the most high-performance mobile phones with polycarbonate backs and removable batteries… We’ll see what the near future holds for us!


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