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Why Google is restricting Internet access to some of its employees


A new experiment within Google seeks to reduce the number of cyberattacks suffered by the company. To this end, the Internet access of some employees is being limited.

Why Google is restricting Internet access to some of its employees
The Google logo, on one of its offices

Google It’s one of the main targets of cyber attackers of all the world. The company has sensitive data of millions of users on the planet, and has in its possession the most valuable information on all kinds of technologies. It is not surprising, therefore, that the company dedicates a large part of its resources to staying protected from this type of attack.

And sometimes the methods he employs to protect himself are somewhat unusual. One of the most striking has been recently reported by the CNMCwhere they explain that Google has started to carry out an experiment with which it seeks to prevent cyberattacks, restricting internet access to some of his employees.

Google limits Internet access to some workers to prevent cyberattacks

Apparently, the experiment began this past Wednesday. The company selected more than 2,500 employees to participate, but ultimately decided allow employees to leave the experiment due to the comment received.

The experiment consists of disable internet access on some of the computers present in their offices, so that it was only possible to access internal tools from Google, such as Gmail or Drive.

Similarly, it was decided restrict worker permits on their computers, disabling root access to prevent employees from installing software on their computers or executing commands that could compromise the computers and data stored on them, or on the network.

With this pilot project, Google seeks Minimize the risk of a cyberattack through employee teams, frequent targets from cybercriminals.

This is not the first measure that Google takes with the aim of reducing the possibility of data leaks, cyberattacks and any other type of risk. Not long ago, the company already urged its employees not to use AI chatbots, including its own Bardfor fear that sensitive information could end up being leaked.

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