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Windows 10 Update – Microsoft Pulls Slowing Down PCs ??

Windows 10 Update – Microsoft Pulls Slowing Down PCs ??

Earlier this year, Microsoft began rolling out the Chromium-based Edge browser with an automatic Windows Update. The update, tracked as ‘KB4559309,’ replaced the old version based on EdgeHTML as the system’s default browser. However, the company has now pulled the update after a slew of concerns that it has slowed down device efficiency under some circumstances, impacting the startup time in particular.

Fortunately, obviously the issue is not with the browser itself, which is why Microsoft has now replaced the problematic update with a new piece of software, monitored as ‘KB4576754’ that also installs a new version of the system’s browser. The company confirmed in a recently published support note that the upcoming update replaces three previously issued updates, including KB4541301, KB4541302 and KB4559309. This one is also installed automatically, like Slowing the System, but there seems to be no significant questions about this one yet.

The company said in its release note that all Start Menu pins, as well as Taskbar pins and shortcuts from the current release, would move to the new version after the update. In the latest update, all data from earlier versions of Edge, including passwords, will also be available. In addition, most protocols that are managed by Microsoft Edge can move to the new app.

The new Edge also comes with a range of new features including updates to collections and translations, Chrome theme support, improved download controls and more. In order to save memory and reduce CPU consumption, Microsoft is also reportedly working on a so-called ‘Sleeping Tabs’ feature. Meanwhile, on Windows , macOS, Android and iOS, the latest Edge browser is available, and Microsoft also plans to make it available on Linux before long. From the official Microsoft website, you can download Edge Chromium on supported computers.


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