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Latest Windows 11 Home needs an Microsoft account, but Pro ?

Latest Windows 11 Home needs an Microsoft account, but Pro ?
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Windows 11’s release date is still a few months away, and we’re still learning a lot about Microsoft’s latest operating system update. There have been queries regarding other needs in addition to the uncertainty over the hardware requirements.

Anyone who opts for Windows 11 Home will have to have a Microsoft account based on sources near Microsoft. The same goes for Windows 11 Pro; if you choose, users can use local accounts.

The news comes with Online Trusted News Site, whose unnamed source confirms what many people believe: Windows 11 Home requires a Microsoft account during the installation process. However, it seems that the account should only be used when Windows 11 is installed; once the operating system has been updated and running, you can switch to a local account if you prefer.

Anyone who installs Windows 11 Pro is freed from this constraint and from the very beginning can use a local account.

The company doesn’t fully understand why the use of a Microsoft account is necessary, but there are limitations to choosing to use a local account. For example, it means that content and settings between devices cannot be synchronized. However, the PCWorld source insists that no “reducted or limited experience” is available to everyone choosing to use a local account.

Microsoft has declared war on local accounts not for the first time and Windows 11 has made the company more aggressive.

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