Home Tech worth less than 20 euros, has LED lights and a great battery

worth less than 20 euros, has LED lights and a great battery

worth less than 20 euros, has LED lights and a great battery


This mouse is very comfortable, works perfectly and has a USB-rechargeable battery that works for several weeks.

This is the wireless mouse I use every day: it costs less than 20 euros, it has LED lights and a great battery
The mouse that I personally recommend is the one that I have been using daily for years.

One of the best tech products I’ve purchased in recent years has been the Rii RM200. Surely you don’t know what it is about when you read her name, but I’ll tell you. He is a wireless mouse that I use every day for years and that I love for the quality it has for its low price. It’s very comfortable, works perfectlyit has nice lights colored LEDs that give it a look gaming and one USB rechargeable battery that lasts for weeks and weeks.

As I mentioned above, the Rii RM200 is a cheap wireless mouse. It has a spectacular price for its quality, it can be yours for less than 20 euros in Amazon and not aliexpress. Its recommended retail price is 15.99 euros, but I bought it even cheaper by taking advantage of one of the usual offers that stars in Amazon. These years of use with the Rii RM200 have served me to confirm that it is one of The best simple and cheap wireless mice what can you buy.

Rii RM200 Mouse

Rii RM200, the cheap wireless mouse that I recommend

There are many reasons why I recommend this Rii RM200 if you are looking for a good cheap wireless mouse. The first of them is its design, because I find it a very comfortable mouse It doesn’t give me any problem when I use it for 6-7 hours every day. His design adapts perfectly to the shape of the hand and, in addition, it has that striking touch that the LED lights with 7 different colors.

The Rii RM200 has a 1600 DPI sensitivityalthough we can adjust it manually with the button that is located at the top of the mouse. During these years I have not had any problems with the operation of the mouse, the two main buttons have a comfortable and firm click. I use it for both work and play and, honestly, I find it useful at all times.

I also want to point out that the mouse has two additional buttons on the left side that allow us to go back and forward in navigation. Of course, it also has a scroll wheel that it works precisely and that it makes hardly any noise. In general, it has all the options that we need in everyday use.

The Rii RM200 is a wireless mouse with compatibility with operating systems Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, plus Mac OS and Linux. As you can see, you will not have any problem when using it with your computer, you will only have to connect the USB stick to the PC and the mouse will connect automatically. The connection is stable and secure, during these years of use I have not had any problem in this regard.

Rii RM200 Mouse

Another detail that I really like about this wireless mouse is that it has a USB rechargeable batteryI don’t have to worry about buying new batteries. Also, since I usually use it without the lights, the battery lasts several weeks of use until off. The mouse automatically goes to sleep when I haven’t used it for a few minutes, which also saves battery life.

As I told you, this Ri RM200 is the wireless mouse that I have been using every day for a few years and personally I think it’s an excellent purchase If you are looking for a cheap mouse for you. It has a recommended retail price of 15.99 euros, but in Amazon it’s possible find it cheaper with some frequency, even bordering on 10 euros. If you have Amazon Primeyou will save having to pay shipping and you will receive it at home in a very short time. is also for sale not aliexpressbut the shipment is later.

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