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Xbox Game Mode keeps turning off [Fixed]


If your Xbox Game Mode keeps turning off when it switches from Game to Menu, you will experience specific problems. It leads to bugs and often lags in performance, and you would not find it smooth while using your console. While it is a default setting of Xbox, you can get rid of it too. If you are thinking of when it happens, as it does not always occur, and how you can avoid it, we have covered you all with it!

Xbox Game Mode keeps turning off

When you play native games, your Xbox will always stay in game mode. However, your console switches resolutions repeatedly when you play Xbox One game. Thus, when it returns to 4K resolution while displaying the Menu, it still exits the gaming mode.

Xbox Game Mode keeps turning off

There are two ways to prevent Xbox from disabling the Game Mode. The first one uses low-Latency mode, which continually keeps your game in game mode, and the second resolve it temporarily. Both methods have worked for users, and we will help you do so.

1] Use the Low Latency Mode

Xbox Low Latency Mode

Follow the steps given below to use the Low latency mode on Xbox:

  • Head over to the Video section
  • Navigate to Advanced Settings
  • Turn on Allow low-latency mode

Thus, your console can switch back to game mode using the low-latency mode. Besides, you must turn off low Latency mode only if it is already in the game mode. Thus, with the low-latency mode, you can eliminate the error. There is also a method using which you can fix the error temporarily.

2] Use Power-Cycling Mode

You can use the power-cycling mode to eliminate the error temporarily. During Power Cycling, any residue data in the console will be removed. However, it is like a hit-and-trial method to check whether it works. It has worked for some users; for some, it has not.

Follow the steps given below to power-cycling mode on Xbox:

  • Press the Xbox button for 10 seconds to turn off the console
  • Disconnect its main power for 5 minutes
  • Connect the console to the main supply
  • Press and hold the Xbox button till it turns on

Thus, the power-cycling mode helps when you want to avoid enabling the low-latency mode.

If you were wondering why Xbox Game Mode keeps turning off when it switches from game to menu, you would have gotten your answer. It does not happen while you play native games but after an Xbox One game. This backup changes resolutions frequently, and when it returns to 4k resolution while displaying menus, it turns off game mode.

Why does Game Mode keep turning on and off Xbox Series S?

The primary reason why the Game Mode of Xbox Series S keeps turning on and off continuously is because it changes the resolution automatically. In such situations, if you want to get rid of this issue, you need to use the Low Latency Mode or use the Power-Cycle Mode. The steps are mentioned above, and you can follow the instructions here.

How do I fix Game Mode off?

To fix the Game Mode off issue on Xbox, you can go through these solutions mentioned above. First, you need to switch to the Low Latency Mode. Following that, you can opt for the Power-Cycle Mode. Apart from that, you can follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks as well.

Xbox turns off game mode

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