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Xiaomi has just launched this exercise bike that looks like a bombshell


You can even charge your mobile while you ride.

Xiaomi has just launched this exercise bike that looks like a bombshell
This is the MIJIA Electric Exercise Bike, the exercise bike with surprises from Xiaomi.

submitted a few weeks ago in china through a campaign of fundraising, Xiaomi has now officially launched its new exercise bike on the marketwhich thus becomes an object of major desire for all of us who like to train in the comfort of our homes, but also with lots of trinkets included in this MIJIA Electric Stationary Bike which is already available in your native country.

It is not Xiaomi’s first foray into the fitness machinesWell, in the past we saw other much more expensive optionsbut if is the bicycle of yarn more interesting in price/performance that the manufacturer based in Haidian, Beijing, has presented to us of late.

As we were told by friends of gizmochinanow that it is available in a commercial format and without patronage campaigns, its price has risen slightly, and that is it costs 1,999 yuan in its home marketwhich in Europe would be more or less about 253 eurosvery attractive price but what it will certainly go up if Xiaomi dares to pull out of China to this MIJIA Electric Exercise Bike.

This is the MIJIA Electric Exercise Bike, and this is all it offers us

As for its finish, this bike It’s like everything in Xiaomi, simple and functionalwith very neutral white and gray tones that They will help it not clash in our homes nowhere, not even if we place it in the living room in front of the TV to enjoy our favorite series while we exercise.

There are some details in red or orange color, also Xiaomi DNA, with an adjustable saddle and a height and depth adjustable handlebar that will facilitate a perfect adjustment to our physiognomy.

Its dimensions are 109 x 89 x 51 centimetersand his weight reaches 39.5 kilograms, so you already know the necessary space to set it up at home.

As for the sport itself, it has up to 32 different activity modesas well as Wi-Fi connectivity and support for virtual classes through Xiaomi’s own health app, adding full integration with the Mi Home ecosystem.

In fact, it is that it can be linked to the rest of the connected devices, to the point that It is possible to configure scenes that automatically activate the air conditioning while we use itFor example, or turn on the water heater / thermos for the subsequent shower.

Has a integrated control screen located on a console attached to the handlebar, where we can check our training data in real time: distances, calories consumed, cadence, etc…

It is probably the most technological ‘spinning’ bike and balanced in price and performance, being able to recover kinetic energy and use it to charge our gadgets while we pedal.

Xiaomi has just launched this exercise bike that looks like a bombshell

Promotional image of its launch in China.

In any case, the big surprise is in its ability to self-supply energy thanks to our pedalingalso offering the opportunity to load our contraption such as phones or tablets with the excess energy that we generate while we exercise. That is, when the cadence exceeds 60 pedal strokes per minute, this MIJIA Electric Exercise Bike is capable of charging a smartphone without complications at a power of up to 20 watts.

Don’t worry, because the bike has a synchronous control chip SC8701 buck-boost that will improve the thermal performance and keep output voltages stable. It will not break any device or destroy its battery.

And now, Xiaomi, when do you bring it to Spain and Latin America?

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