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Xiaomi’s cutest vacuum cleaner plummets below 30 euros


It is one of the simplest and most effective cleaning elements you can buy, and cheaper today.

Xiaomi's cutest vacuum cleaner plummets below 30 euros
This handheld vacuum has the power to keep tough corners clean.

For this price there is no vacuum cleaner on the market that does the same as this one and as effectively as it does. It is a vacuum cleaner with a very minimalist design that today falls to the 49.99 29.99 euros in AliExpress Spain with free shipping. Is one of the most beastly offers of the moment, since on the official Xiaomi website today costs 41.31 euros and in Amazon around 50 euros.

Xiaomi has a catalog of cleaning gadgets very wide, but there is a very charismatic element which has some very good sales numbers in the last year. It is none other than the Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini, a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner with sufficient power. It is especially useful to get to those places where you wouldn’t use a Vacuum cleaner robot not even one cordless broom vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Buy the best-selling hand vacuum cleaner for 30 euros

My Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi’s handheld vacuum cleaner is 3 times more powerful than a robot vacuum cleaner.

If you are thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner for remove dust from your keyboard, from sofas, from corners behind the doors or give a review to the stairs and the car from time to time, this is yours. The handheld vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi has everything to be your next cleaning gadget and reference as it has been for thousands of other users before.

This vacuum cleaner is very compact, having the size and shape of a regular coffee thermos. Its measures are 26.7 cm tall and 5.5 cm wideand has an approximate weight of 500 grams empty. Count with one 100 ml dirt containerenough to fill it with dust, pet hair or lint.

Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended purchase, I have already given two away.

We have one suction power of 6000 PA (triple that of an average robot vacuum cleaner) with only one speed available. It has a consumption of 30 W and an autonomy of about 30 minutes of use. It charges through your USB-C port quickly and easily. It is very easy to remove and clean the tank and filters, with just one button it is released and the dirt falls into the dustbin.

Dispose of of the filters in the shape of a truncated cone, a main steel one that traps the largest dust particles and then a HEPA type that stays with the smaller remains, making this double filtering very effective. Both the filters and the tank can remove and wash with water independently. Of course, you must be sure that they are completely dry before using them again.

Xiaomi Mi Mini Vacuum Cleaner

xiaomi he has put a lot of care in the development and creation of this handheld vacuum cleaner, and this shows when using and handling it. It is very easy to use due to its lightness, it has the perfect power for this type of gadget, and you can take her anywhere easily, as well as store it in a drawer in the glove compartment of the car for emergencies.

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