Home Tech Xiaomi’s smart TV has a 163-euro discount

Xiaomi’s smart TV has a 163-euro discount

Xiaomi’s smart TV has a 163-euro discount


Get one of the best smart TVs from Xiaomi, it has Android TV and you can download all those apps you’ve always wanted.

55-inch, 4K and Android TV: Xiaomi's smart TV has a 163-euro discount
One of Xiaomi’s spectacular P1E televisions.

You can take a smart TV with 55 inches diagonal and 4K resolution at a minimum price on AliExpress. I speak of the Xiaomi Mi TV P1E 55″that it plummets to 385 euros. You will have it at your doorstep in just 5 days and without paying anything for shipping. Doesn’t sound bad, right?

See for yourself, this smart TV went on sale for 549 euros and now that it also has a discount in the official Xiaomi store it can be yours for 439 euros. The price of AliExpress is unrivaled at the moment, puts one of the smart televisions with the best value for money on the market on a silver platter.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1E 55″

Buy the Xiaomi smart TV at the best price

As I have pointed out, our protagonist arrives with a spectacular 55-inch 4K display that looks great. You will enjoy a cinema experience at home, we are facing a high-quality panel. In addition, its hasty frames translate into a modern aesthetic that will look great in your living room.

android tv is the operating system that gives it life, software created by Google. Netflix, HBO, Disney+, YouTube and any other platform you can think ofyou will be able to download them all on this TV. Your smart TV will become the best entertainment center.

In addition, you will enjoy a beautiful interface that moves fluently, also with some additions made by google. I speak, of course, of his assistantthat you can invoke whenever you need to do all kinds of queries either ask him to find a good horror movie.

Xiaomi Mi TV P1E 55″

I think it’s quite worth it you can take home a 55-inch smart TV for less than 400 euros. You will enjoy a good operating system and all those applications that you have always wanted, is what they offer The best Xiaomi smart TVs. AliExpress offers are only available for a limited time, if you are interested do not think too much.

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