Home SECURITY Yamaha has become a victim of two groups at once

Yamaha has become a victim of two groups at once

Yamaha has become a victim of two groups at once


The music played for a short time: Yamaha became a victim of two groups at once

The hackers hit a high note by playing the company’s tools.

Company Yamaha Canada Musicengaged in the production of musical instruments and audio equipment, acknowledged , which was the victim of a cyberattack, as a result of which attackers gained access to her data. The company announced this in a statement last week.

According to company representatives, they immediately took measures to localize the attack and prevent the spread of malware in their network. In addition, they turned to external information security specialists for help and notified affected customers by offering them data protection services. The company also strengthened the protection of its network and increased the level of security.

The company did not specify whether the attack was related to ransomware, but this is indicated by the fact that Yamaha Canada Music was on the list of victims of two different ransomware groups at once – Black Byte and Akira. About it informed cybersecurity expert Dominique Alvieri.

Dominic Alvieri reported the hack Yamaha Canada Music

Alvieri also noted that such cases are becoming more frequent and may be due to various reasons: cooperation between groups, the use of different brands of ransomware by one group, or an attempt by the partners of the groups to draw more attention to their victims.

Note that the Akira ransomware appeared in March 2023 and quickly gained popularity , attacking organizations around the world in various sectors. And since June, the attackers have begun redistribute the new version his Linux ransomware to attack VMware ESXi virtual machines. In June, the information security company Avast released a free decryptor for the Akira ransomware which can help victims recover their data without paying a ransom, absolutely free.

Recently team Microsoft Threat Intelligence investigated BlackByte 2.0 ransomware attacks and showed how fast and devastating cyber-attacks of internet villains can be.


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