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You can finally open Google Maps on your mobile while using Android Auto in the car


Starting today, you can open the Google Maps app on your smartphone even if you’re using it in your car with Android Auto.

You can finally open Google Maps on your mobile while using Android Auto in the car
Android Auto and Google Maps interface in a car

For years, Android Auto has dragged a somewhat absurd limitation and not a little frustrating, for which it was prevented run the google maps application on a smartphone when it was connected to the vehicle and running Android Auto. Because of this restriction, it was not possible look up addresses or perform searches in Google Maps via mobile, unless the device was disconnected from the car.

Fortunately, Google seems to have done away with this limitation One day to another. Just like have been reported by several Android Auto usersthe latest version of Google’s vehicle-focused platform no longer prevents opening Google Maps on mobile when the app is running on the vehicle display.

Users who have reported the change claim to be running version 11.67.0701 of Google Mapsrecently rolled out via Google Play with a new software update.

For now, yes the change does not appear to affect all usersand Google may need to apply the change for everyone.

Be that as it may, it is certainly appreciated that Google has decided to end one of the most absurd limitations of Android Auto. After all, the version of Google Maps for mobiles is much more complete and offers options which are not available in their version intended for vehicle screens.

After having released one of the biggest updates in the history of Android Auto, the company continues to refine its platform aimed at vehicles with increasingly useful changes and news. Recently, it was introduced ability to control audio playback more precisely and the availability of the new user interface. In addition, other improvements will be introduced soon, such as the support for a clear theme and smoother animations.

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