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You will love the latest news from YouTube if you usually watch videos at 2X speed


YouTube is testing a feature whereby you can enable 2X speed by long pressing on the player.

You will love the latest news from YouTube if you usually watch videos at 2X speed
Now YouTube allows you to double the playback speed with a simple gesture

Despite the popularity of platforms like Twitch or the recent KICKYouTube is still the most popular video streaming app in the worldbut from the Mountain View company they are very aware that they have to continue improving it so as not to fall behind the competition and, therefore, every month launch new features that initially are only available to Premium plan users.

Well, the last great novelty that YouTube Premium users can already try is a new function that allows you to activate 2X playback speed with a simple gesture.

Long press on YouTube player to activate 2X speed

Currently, if you want to modify the playback speed of a YouTube video, you have to click on the player, touch its settings icon, touch the option playback speed and select one of the available options.

But now, just like they advance us from 9to5GoogleYouTube is testing a new feature called “Hold to watch at double speed” that will allow you to activate 2X speed simply by making a long press on any part of the player.

Thus, if you long press on the YouTube player on Android when you are watching a video, it will start playing at double speed and a message will appear at the top of the window with the title Playing at 2X speed.


If you make a long press on the YouTube player, 2X playback is automatically activated and a confirmation message appears at the top of it.

Currently, this new feature of the streaming platform is only available to YouTube Premium users. If you are one of them and you want to activate it, you simply have to touch your profile photo, click on the option Your premium benefitsenter section try new featureslocate the section Press and hold to view at double speed and finally click on the button Prove twice.

You should keep in mind that you can only test one new function at a timeSo, if you enable this new option, another one that you had activated previously will be deactivated.

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