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10 new applications for Android that you should not ignore


Renew your Android mobile with the best 10 free apps that have recently arrived on Google Play.

10 new applications for Android that you should not ignore
Apps on an Android mobile

If you like to browse the google play store from time to time to find new free apps for android of all kinds, you are in the right place because We have selected for you the best new apps that have come to the store of Google over the last few weeks.

Without further delay, we will list you Top 10 New Play Store Apps We Recommend You Try. All of them are completely free and really interesting.

Mi Band 8 watch faces

The first app on this list is Mi Band 8 watch facesa simple application with which you will be able to customize the home screen of the most recent Xiaomi smart bracelet, the smart band 8.

This free app supports a wide range of languages ​​including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, German or Turkish and it has a large number of watch faces for your Smart Band 8, which you can filter by number of downloads or post closures.

Mi Band 8 Watch Faces also lets you mark the spheres that you like the most as favorites so that it is easier for you to find them again within the app.

Free Download Mi Band 8 Watch Faces

AI Camera – Create Avator AI

AI Camera is a handy tool that uses AI to generate avatars from a photograph that you provide and has a total of 14 different styles such as anime, art style, ink painting style or 3D design style thanks to which you can create a fully personalized avatar of yourself.

AI Camera: Create AI Avatars a free application with ads and in-app purchases, ranging from 2.99 euros to 8.99 eurosthat you can download from the direct link to Google Play that we leave you under these lines.

Free Download AI Camera – Create AI Avator

Repocket – Earn money daily

We already told you about The best apps to earn money with your mobile and today we come to discover a somewhat different alternative, since Repocket is a free app with which you will be able to earn a few eurillos sharing your Internet connection.

To start using Repocket you just have to install this application on your Android, because once you do this itself It will take care of sharing the Internet that you do not use in the background.

Obviously, you will always have the option of pause or disable your internet sharing at any time.

Free download Repocket – Make Money Daily


RunDot is an AI-powered app that takes care of designing for you a personalized, dynamic and reliable running training programsince it is based on the training data of more than 75,000 professional athletes.

In addition, this free app integrates seamlessly with training devices from leading brands like Garmin, ApplePolar or Suunto.

Download Run Dot for free

video maker with music

video maker with music

video maker with music

Video maker with music is a complete video editor, free and easy to use with which you can create your own clips with photos, background music, animated stickers, text, audio, transition effects and blurred backgrounds no watermark.

One point in favor of this app is that it has a wide variety of default templates for certain events such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings or love and family celebrations.

Free Download Music Video Maker

Smart Switch – Data Transfer

Smart Switch - Data Transfer

Smart Switch – Data Transfer

The worst part of changing mobile is transfer all data from one device to anothera tedious process especially if both terminals are not from the same brand, but now it has just arrived an app to Google Play that will help you with this task.

This is Smart Switch- Data Transfer, a free application that, as its name suggests, allows you to transfer all the data you have on your mobile, such as photos, videos and documents, to another smartphoneincluding an iPhone, quickly and easily.

In addition, Smart Switch- Data Transfer is an offline app, in such a way that you will be able to transfer your files from one terminal to another even if you do not have an Internet connection.

Free Download Smart Switch – Data Transfer

Bilge – AI Powered Chatbot

Since ChatGPT burst into our lives, they have not stopped arriving applications that allow you to carry the OpenAI chatbot in the palm of your hand and the last app of this type to reach the Play Store is Bilge.

Bilge is a free chatbot application based on GPT-3.5 that has an advanced question and answer system, which will allow you to get accurate answers about a wide range of topics such as programming, education, business and even career guidance.

But that’s not all, because Bilge also offers you tutorials and specialized information on specific topics to help you expand your knowledge and skills quickly and easily.

Free Download Bilge – AI Powered Chatbot

god vpn

God VPN is a free VPN client for Android thanks to which you will be able to browse, stream content and download files securelysince all these tasks will be protected from prying eyes.

God VPN has an extensive network of servers present in more than 70 countries around the world and it has unlimited bandwidth, so you can always connect at maximum speed and without any restrictions.

Free Download GodVPN

VoiceCopy – AI voice cloning

VoiceCopy is a voice generation application that uses AI to recreate the voices of your friends, family and even famous people.

Thus, this free app uses text-to-speech technology to generate personalized voice models that accurately imitate the pitch and intonation of another person’s voice.

Free Download VoiceCopy – AI Voice Cloning

learn to draw

If you always wanted to learn how to draw, you should try Learn how to draw, a free application that teaches you to draw step by step in an easy and didactic way.

Learn how to draw has more than 20 simple drawings with which you will learn to draw people, objects and animals.

Free download Learn to draw

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