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11 Best UC Browser Alternative Web Browser For Android

11 Best UC Browser Alternative Web Browser For Android

In regards
to personal computers and tablets, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best web
browser. It’s not the only web browser on the internet though. When we speak
about Google Chrome for Android, there are few essential features missing from
the web browser such as VPN, ad-blocker etc.

Any other
Android web browser such as UC Browser has all the requisite features, but it had been removed from the Google Play Store because of some security issues.

UC Browser has reportedly been found stealing privately owned user data and sending it to an unknown server in China.

Best UC Browser
Alternatives For Android

The user trust in the UC browser has been broken after all such an incident and users are now searching for alternatives. So, if you used to be a user of the UC
Browser then this post will help. In this article we’ll share some of Android
‘s best UC Browser alternatives.

1. Firefox Focus

It’s a new Android web browser that you can use today. In reality, Firefox Focus is one of the best alternatives to UC browsers you can use today. The best thing about Firefox Focus is, it blocks all web trackers by default.


1)The Android browser automatically blocks online trackers.

2)As soon as you leave the app, the history, password, and cookies were erased.

3)The web browser also removes ads from the web pages that you visit.

2. Via Browser

Well, Via Browser is another best
alternative to the UC Browser which you can use on your Android. Using
Browser’s best thing is that it takes news and trending topics straight into
the homepage. Additionally, Via Browser is one of the best lightweight browsers
you can use and the software runs on a 2 G mobile network.


1)The web
browser is designed for Minimalism. It consumes fewer resources.

2)Via Browser
is highly customizable. It also lets you design your own browser homepage.

3)It offers
lots of useful features like Data Saver, AdBlocker, Privacy Protect, etc.

3. Puffin Web Browser

Well, users love Puffin Web Browser
for Android and it’s only 17 MB required to install it on your smartphone.
Another great thing about Puffin Web Browser is that it claims to encrypt all
of your internet traffic via the Puffin server which adds another security


1)The web
browser speeds up browsing by shifting the workload to the cloud servers.

2)It encrypts
all traffic from the Puffin app to the server.

3)The web browser claims to save 90% of your
bandwidth by using its compression algorithm.

4. Opera Browser

Well, Opera Browser is very popular
compared with all other browsers mentioned above. Android’s Opera Browser is
always revamped, and you’ll fall in love with its gui. Only if you are looking
for data-sync support could Opera Browser be the best choice for UC Browsers.


1)It is one of
the best, fast, and secure web browser for Android.

Browser comes with a free built-in VPN to bypass restricted websites.

3)It also has
a built-in ad blocker to remove ads from web pages.

4)The web browser also offers you fast downloading
and file management features.

5. Firefox Browser fast & private

Well, that one’s nothing short of
Google Chrome. The new version of the fast & private Firefox browser comes
with some awesome features such as tracking security, intuitive visual tabs,
intelligent search, add-ons, etc.


1)The web
browser offers lots of privacy protection features.

automatically detects and blocks online trackers and ads.

3)It lets you send open tabs between mobile and

6. Brave Browser

Well, another top-rated Android web
browser available on Google Play Store is Brave Browser. The best thing about
Brave Browser is that it provides a range of apps everywhere, including
ad-blocker, site blocker trackers, HTTPS, etc.


1)Brave is a
private web browser with an adblocker.

2)The web
browser uses some special compression algorithm to save data.

3)Brave web
browser also offers a script blocker and 3rd party cookie blocker.

4)The browser also has a reward program that pays
you to browse the internet.

7. Dolphin Browser

If you’re looking for a lightweight
feature that provides good feature sets, then the Dolphin Browser might be the
best option for you. The best thing about Dolphin Browser is it provides lots
of features such as theming, ad-block, incognito mode, blocker tracker, etc.


1)The web browser
is flash supported. That means you can play online games based on Flash.

browser has a built-in ad blocker, multiple tab bars, tracker blocker,
incognito mode, etc.

3)It also has
a video grabber that grabs the download link of any playing video.

4)Some other features include gesture support,
multiple themes, Quick share options, etc.

8. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

The famous anonymous search engine
also comes with an Android web browser update. You will be having the
protection you deserve online with DuckDuckGo Protection Browser. The great
thing about DuckDuckGo ‘s Privacy Browser is it blocks all ads, web trackers,
etc. DuckDuckGo ‘s browser does not keep track of your browsing activity.


1)This is the
best privacy-focused web browser for Android.

2)The web
browser lets you clear all your tabs and browsing data with one tap.

3)DuckDuckGo automatically blocks all hidden
third-party trackers.

9. Maxthon Browser

Well, if you’re looking for a
lightweight Web browser for your Android smartphone, then try Maxthon Browser.
I guess what? Maxthon Browser allows users to save offline browsing web pages
and saves data on the internet.


1)This is one
of the best and fasted web browsers for Android available on the Play Store.

2)It has a
built-in note-taking tool, password manager, email manager.

browser automatically blocks ads and trackers from the web pages.

4)The web browser also has a night mode and
incognito mode.

10. Kiwi Browser– Fast & Quiet

It’s one of the easiest and
lightweight web browsers on your Android smartphone that you can use. I guess
what? Kiwi Browser-Fast & Quiet is based on Chromium and WebKit, the Google
Chrome powered engine.


1)Kiwi Web
browser is based on Chromium

2)The web
browser has a very optimized rendering engine which results in better browsing

automatically blocks all ads and trackers from the web pages.

4)Kiwi browser also has a super-strong pop-up
blocker that really works.

11. Yo Browser

You won’t believe it, but your smartphone requires less than 10 MB of storage space to install the device. You can quickly download videos, songs and more with Yo Browser. Not only that, but even Yo Browser has a night mode, and a private mode.


1)The web browser is lightweight and needs less than 15 MB of space to install.

2)YoBrowser doesn’t store anything that belongs to you.

3)It has a
night mode, private mode, etc.

these are Android ‘s best UC Browser alternatives. I hope he helped you with
this post! Tell your mates about it too. If you are aware of any other such web
browser as UC Browser, please let us know in the comment box.


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