Healthy Lifestyle to have Happy Life


Health can be described as physical, emotional, and social well-being, as well as being a resource for a lifetime. It applies not only to the absence of disease but also to the capacity to recover from sickness and other problems and to bounce back.

Good health factors include the environmental biology, relationships and schooling. A balanced diet, exercise, disease screening and coping mechanisms can all improve a person’s health.

Avoiding starchy food taking stairs to ascend as high as the lift, exercising in routine to remain fit and young are some of the measures that one should consider remaining safe and active.

A balanced lifestyle requires weight tests, energy output, nutrition, prevailing cleanliness, if taken any, taking medicines on time.

People who are not physically or mentally fit are not considered safe, as they face life-related problems. There are several drawbacks that are considered dangerous.

The first person in the list to be deemed safe other drawbacks of being unhealthy is a person who is overweight or obese as follows:-

1.Eating disorder:-

The biggest explanation for being obese or overweight is eating disorders, Starchy or fast food eaten these days which is really really good to taste is the biggest factor that contributes to obesity and it ultimately affects a particular person’s wellbeing.

2.High blood pressure:-

High blood pressure is the symptoms which convey a person’s unhealth. Blood pressure may be elevated for different reasons but being obese or unfit is the main reason why blood pressure is large.

3.Diseases and stroke:-

As described above, unhealthy people are more likely to be affected by high blood pressure, which eventually also affects the heart, leading to heart attacks or cardiac arrests that can eventually kill a person.


One person’s elevated blood sugar is another significant problem in one’s life. Diabetes is defined in one’s body as excessive intake of sugar which can contribute to various physical disorders. In order to prevent such a scenario, the individual’s sugar intake is either regulated or fully eliminated depending on the body’s sugar content. Routine screening of diabetes should be performed to keep it under control.


Avoiding starchy food or attending a gym to maintain weight can be challenging for a individual but it is also known that an overweight person is more vulnerable to cancer or tumours. Staying fit as described above is a key to a safe and happy life.


Depression contributes to unhealthy lifestyle. Depression is a state of mind in which a person may become irritated or cranky about something small. Although it has no direct association with being unhealthy, circumstances that occur in which a person that feel that he / she wants to be physically or mentally unable to meet the goal that stage is known as depression.

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