• Shift up and down your legs without turning your head as soon as possible.
  • Right and wrong shifting the eyeballs, with no head motions.
  • Move the lid down in the direction of the clock (10-20 times should be performed each of these exercises).
  • Close your eyes five seconds fast and then open them completely and keep them open as long as possible. Change about 20 times. Keep switching. This would increase the circulation of the blood to the brain.


Beginning from the lotus pose, crossing legs with upright backbone (feet on opposite thighs) and straight head. Now use your right thumb to close your right nose while you aggressively exhale through a deep inhale and exhale from your left nostril. Repeat the practise on both sides approximately 20 times. This exercise can help improve the blood circulation to the head and thus promote the health of the retina, which helps to ensure that the oxygen is distributed to the brain.



Rub the palms together to warm them. Put them on your eyes and hold the place for a few seconds. This exercise helps you relax and relieve your eyes from tension.


Begin by opening your eyes so wide that 10 times you can blink. Now, for 20 seconds keep your eyes closed and then repeat the first step. This exercise helps encourage the eye’s circulation and prevents dry eyes.

Preliminary nose tip

Hold your thumb straight above your nose while you sit in a sitting position. Concentrate with both eyes on the tip of your thumb, progressively straighten your arm and keep the thumb centered.

Near and distant view: Concentration five to ten seconds and relax as you keep straight. Try 10 to 20 times this workout.

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