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14 days of battery, a lot of customization and only 29.99 euros


It is one of the best-selling gadgets from the Chinese manufacturer so far this year.

The best price for the Redmi Band 2: 14 days of battery life, a lot of customization and only 29.99 euros
This Xiaomi smartband has sensors for everything and water resistance.

on the ground of the best smartbandsXiaomi has always moved very well. The market has reigned since the launch of the first Mi Band and has done so far. He recently launched the Redmi Band 2, which we reviewa second model of the Redmi sub-brand that aims to snatch a large part of the cake from the Smart Band 7 and 7 Pro from its same production line.

If you are looking for a modern, renewed and for less than 30 eurothe Redmi Band 2 can be yours for €29.99 on AliExpress right now. Its official price is 34.99 euros on the Xiaomi website and You have it on Amazon for 33.99 euros. It is not a very beast discount, but it is the best price at which you can buy it today.

redmi band 2

Buy the best cheap Xiaomi bracelet for less than 30 euros

We begin by highlighting its screen, which has grown more than 10% its size with respect to the panel of the Xiaomi smart band 7. now has 1.47 inches diagonal in full color that we can customize everything we want with your more than 100 spheres available for free. The screen is high definition, achieving 247 pixels per inch of density.

Redmi Smart Band 2 watch face

One of the new watch faces included with the Redmi Smart Band 2 / Image: Christian Collado

It is a fairly light device, only weighs 14.9 grams without the leash you use. The body of this Redmi Band 2 is so only 9.99mm thickone of the thinnest in the current scene. The officially available straps are in 6 colors (black, blue, ivory, olive green, fancy green and pink), but you can only choose between black and ivory, the rest are sold separately for 5.99 euros/unit.

Whether you play sports regularly or only sporadically, it is good for you to have a bracelet of this kind. integrates more than 30 sports modes from which to choose. It will correctly measure your steps, approximate distances and other values ​​that make this bracelet-watch a highly recommended hybrid. And if you are one of those who runs in the rain or likes to wear the watch anywhere, including the pool, this bracelet is waterproof at a depth of 50 meters.

Race summary with the Redmi Smart Band 2

The bracelet can automatically detect some activities / Image: Christian Collado

At the sensor level, this Redmi Band 2 has that of heart rate, blood oxygen meter, sleep monitor every night (even afternoon naps) and steps. It has a battery with its own magnetic charge capable of giving us an autonomy of about 14 days of typical use and 6 days of intense use. If you just use it as a watch without notifications or measurements, it could easily last you 21 days.

redmi band 2

In design it reminds us a lot of the Xiaomi smart band 7 Probut without the integrated GPS chip. This model has automatic detection With some of the pre-installed sports modes, you can set it to monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day, and you’ll be able to change its appearance to your image and resemblance to straps and spheres.

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