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18 years later, the mythical Calibri is no longer Microsoft’s default font: this will be its replacement


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18 years later, the mythical Calibri is no longer Microsoft's default font: this will be its replacement

Typography has always been an object worth studying. Some sources last longer than others, and Calibri had been one of the most popular for more than a decade. But everything has an end, because Microsoft has made the decision that Calibri is no longer the default Office font to make way for Aptos, already in force as the default font. With Aptos, usability continues to gain ground.

Aptos, the new default font for Microsoft Office

Aptos is the name of the new font that will dominate from now on. This is a fairly significant change but, as reflected in their post, they have done it with the feedback of users, who see in Aptos a new alternative to the mythical Calibri. This way, After 15 years, Calibri is no longer Microsoft’s favorite font.

We can see that Aptos follows current typographic trends, being a sans serif or sans serif font (the serif is that signature serif on letters like Times New Roman), and features a rounded, easy-to-read design, following a similar path to Calibri, but with a more modern design. Yes, it is a source in line with current canons, so It is not a great revolution, but Microsoft is strongly committed to it.

Aptos, the new source

Aptos, the new default font for Microsoft Office, follows current typography standards

Besides, Aptos will not be a single source. It will also serve as a starting point for several variants that will further enrich the Microsoft Office font landscape, as Aptos will have Narrow, Condensed Light, Black, Mono, Serif and some more versions. In this way, many users will be able to find designs to their liking within the new Aptos family.

Typography, an element of our history

The study of fonts it is not a recent aspect. It is evident that computers have been with us for a relatively short time, but before them there were already thousands of fonts around the world. And it is that, since the printing press was invented at the end of the Middle Ages, typefaces have advanced with us. Typefaces, typewriters, PC’s… all of them They have led us to where we are today.. and there is even video games that talk about the history of typography.

On the other hand, The world of fonts is not only advancing on computersbut also on many other devices. Can change the font on our Android phonestelevision networks use different fonts in their labels, and the millions of commercial brands of any field also use typography to distinguish themselves from the competition and they redesign their sources to adapt to changing times.

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