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1TB SSD external drive for about 70 euros


It’s easy to create a very fast, high-capacity portable storage medium for very little money.

Faster than any flash drive or micro SD: external 1TB SSD drive for about 70 euros
You can mount your own external SSD with only two elements.

Not always, but many times we need to have an external storage to be able to take our work from one computer to another from one place to another. But on other occasions, what we need is a large-capacity disk that allows us to store not only documents or images, but large files such as movies, series, music or store games and software.

At this point we are looking for an external hard drive or a high-capacity flash drive. Nevertheless, flash drives and memory cards do not reach speeds that are too highand the best ones usually cost an arm and a leg. It’s time to find a external SSD drive that offers great storage, very good speed and portability. We can look at some that are already integrated into their casing, which is usually more expensive, or find a good SSD and a casing to which it fits perfectly.

SSD 960GB Kingston A400Enclosure for 2.5″ SSD and USB 3.0

Get a cheaper external SSD with 1TB capacity

It’s as simple as buy an internal SSD drive and an enclosure to make it external. The necessary cables already come with the casing to be able to use it without having to connect it to the current and to achieve the highest possible transfer and reading speed. I personally have one of this style, although with a smaller capacity, connected to one of the usb ports on my tv. In it I usually put from the PC some personal videos or music in high quality (FLAC and WAV) to play on my hi-fi in the living room.

SSD drive and enclosure

Having an external SSD can be cheaper if you buy these two items individually.

No tools requiredthis casing for sale for less than 8 euros it can be opened and closed with just a few tabs. The SSD disk only needs to be inserted correctly and connected to the SATA port of the case. Then we just have to connect the cable to its external port and the other end to the USB port of your computer or TV. It’s that easy to have 1 TB of capacity and with very high speeds for both use on your computer as on TV. Some even use it to save saves and downloaded games on your next-generation home console.

Kingston’s SSD is capable of speeds of write 450 Mbps and read up to 500 Mbps. Bearing in mind that one of the fastest flash drives or SD cards can reach 120-160 Mbps, this is a great opportunity to have an external, light and high capacity memory compatible with all types of devices with USB ports. Y if the port is USB 3.0 much better because you will reach the highest possible speed.

SSD 960GB Kingston A400Enclosure for 2.5″ SSD and USB 3.0

For about 70 euros you can have a high speed external SSD disk. If we stop to look for something similar, but already integrated into its casing, the prices would go to 90-100 euros in brands like Crucial, SanDisk or Western Digital. This Kingston SSD is highly recommended, as it is a well-known firm with extensive experience in the storage segment.

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