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343 Industries Reveals Halo: Infinite Streets

343 Industries Reveals Halo: Infinite Streets


343 Industries has unveiled an all-new multiplayer map for Halo Infinite. A map called “Streets” unfolds on the streets of New Mombasa. This is a smaller map for 4v4 matches. As you can see in the preview trailer below, Streets is an asymmetrical map with no specific bases. Instead, players will spawn at different points throughout the match.

In addition, the map has environmental elements such as palm trees to limit the view so that the snipers are not so easy. Lead Multiplayer Designer Cayle George says in the video that Strongholds and Oddball are the two modes best suited to play on the Streets. Since this is an asymmetric map, capturing the flag will not be officially supported, but players can create one themselves in custom games. Watch the video below to see the map in action.

Streets are joining the Bazaar, Recharge, Live Fire, Behemoth, and Fragmentation maps that were featured in Halo Infinite beta tests earlier this year. Microsoft hasn’t announced how many maps will be in Halo Infinite, but multiplayer relies heavily on the live services category, so fans can probably expect more maps to be added over time.

November will mark the 20th anniversary of the Xbox and Halo, and on November 15th, Microsoft is celebrating the event live. The Halo Infinite-inspired Xbox Series X console and 20th anniversary controller will also go on sale later that day.

Halo Infinite Set To Release December 8th On PC, Xbox One And Xbox Series X After One Year Delay | S. Multiplayer is free and the campaign is included with Xbox Game Pass or costs $ 60 separately.


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