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5 New Mobile Games Worth Trying In May (Part 1) | 4Gamers Thailand


Friday, May 19, 2023, 5:41 PM 34 PM, Indochina time.

We can’t deny that games on mobile platforms are something that many people are very popular with. Due to the convenience that can be played anywhere, anytime and various games that are placed on mobile phones in the system iOS or Android Nowadays, there playing games interesting, beautiful graphics able to fight with top games PC and console very well However, nowadays, new mobile games are probably very few nowadays compared to the past.

Today we will introduce 5 new mobile games that are worth trying. Thanks to good information from pocket gamer very high


game A.R. new from Niantic It will take players into a magical world filled with strange creatures in the game. pet simulation like no other Players can look forward to raising and hatching eggs called point using nature for a variety of unique combinations

The game also has DNA that is unique for point All of them, where players can fetch, dress up pets, and bathe them. point these too TLC Players will also be able to take their pets into the real world as well.

Available on: IOS, Android

type: adventure

Lost Words: Beyond the Pages

This narrative adventure requires players to harness the power of words to progress through a variety of themes, with dozens of puzzles to solve and platforms to explore. All of these are presented in a beautiful watercolor art style.

The game also features a compelling narrative created by Rihanna Pratchett As the player follows the story of a girl named Izzy Throughout exploring the enchanting world of story There is an emphasis on emotion in the game. And it’s up to the player to help the story. Izzy She ends up using words to deal with the environment she faces.

Available on: IOS, Android

type: adventure

Mia and the Dragon Princess

movies interactive live show Latest story of Wells Interactive takes players on an action-packed adventure with 10 different endings. Mia a waitress who dreams of her own big adventure But she seems to get more than she expected when a mysterious woman enters her life right now. Mia The secret about the woman’s identity must be revealed. While players will be able to make choices that affect the entire story well.

Available on: iOS, Android, Steam, Nintendo Switch

type: adventure

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth

game Strategy RPG from EA Featuring fan-favorite characters and locations from the book trilogy written by J.R.R. Tolkien with familiar faces joining the battle in a new adventure within middle world

The game has a mode. PvP Strong where players can compete with other guilds. as well as an engaging story mode where players can use a variety of characters in action-packed battles. turn-based There are also plenty of character relationships and team synergies that players can take advantage of to increase their combat power.

Available on: IOS, Android

type: Card Battle, RPG

change life

game social simulation This amazing set features high-quality lighting and rendering that make each new costume look like a real piece from real life. Including meticulous details for fabrics, textures, materials and much more.

Players can truly create and live the way they want with highly customizable avatars and luxury outfits that players can dress up for their characters. In addition, players can also build their dream homes and enhance their interior design skills. Then invite friends to party at their own luxury house as well.

Available on: iOS, Android, Smartphone

type: role playing, simulation

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