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5 products for only 11 euros


The Chinese firm has a whole set of items designed for your bathroom. The best? They only cost 11 euros.

Xiaomi has a kit for your toilet that you can't even imagine: 5 products for only 11 euros

the catalog of Xiaomi It is one of the largest in the technological world. not only sell smartphonesalso wearables such as Smart Band 7 Pro, electric scooters and even toy tanks. As you can imagine from the latter, quite curious items live in it.

Today we will precisely talk about some of them, but forget about war toys, these have been heavy for your toilet. The Chinese firm has a kit with 5 products designed for grooming. There is everything and you can take it home for only 11.71 euros thanks to one of AliExpress offers.

Xiaomi Mijia 5 in 1 for bathroom

This kit has it all for the bathroom

Xiaomi 5 in 1 toilet kit

It is one of the most curious kits in the catalog of the Chinese firm.

5 are the items that comes with this kit. All of them in white, it could not be otherwise, and with a minimalist aesthetic that will look great in any home. No lack a toilet paper holderneither another for the bar of soap.

Another of them will help you place all your bathroom items and always have them at hand, it is a small basket that will stick to the wall. Actually, all these utensils are adhesive, you will not have to complicated to install them. The toothbrush holder is equally useful, you just have to leave them hanging.

The most curious of them is used to support the smartphone, are you busy with any task and want to place it away from slipping or splashing? It is perfect, your mobile will be securely attached to the wall. It can be ideal to play some music while you shower or even to follow a makeup tutorial and have your hands free.

Xiaomi Mijia 5 in 1 for bathroom

Surely you would never have imagined finding something like this in the Xiaomi catalog. However, you have been able to verify that it is quite useful and the truth is that its price is very tempting. Give a minimalist and modern touch to your bathroom with the products of the Chinese firm, there is nothing more original.

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