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6 features you can’t miss if you’ve installed the iOS 17 public beta


These are the novelties that you have to try if you have installed the public beta of iOS 17.

6 features you can't miss if you've installed the iOS 17 public beta
The most important news of iOS 17

It has recently been launched iOS 17 public beta and you can now install it on the iPhone if you want to try all its new features. Although iOS 17 does not bring many new features, it is a big update that focuses on the small details to improve the user experience. For example: the interactive widgets, the news of the autocorrector or the news that have come to Safari.

If you have installed the iOS 17 public beta on your iPhoneWe are going to tell you what are the novelties that you have to try yes or yes if you have not done so yet. For example, contact posters, StandBy or widgets or interactive live activities. A string of functions that are the most outstanding of the new operating system.

The 6 features of iOS 17 that you cannot miss

Next We explain those features of iOS 17 that you cannot miss if you have installed the public beta of iOS 17.

interactive widgets

The widget they have invaded the devices of the Apple ecosystem. They are everywhere. On the iPhone. On the iPad. On the Mac. On the Apple Watch. And now they are interactive. That means you can perform actions with them without having to open the application to do so. Like, for example, completing tasks in reminders.

Live activities also gain interactivity. Whether you’re on the lock screen or on the dynamic island of iPhone 14 Pro, you can also perform actions without opening the app in question, such as stopping a timer.

contact posters

One of the great novelties of iOS 17 is the possibility of crear contact posters. Both our own so that it appears to another user when we call them and those of our contacts so that it appears to us when they call us.

posters contacts

iOS 17 Contacts Posters

the possibilities are many. We can edit the format of our name, as well as its font. Put background colors, a photo, a memoji, etc. Without a doubt, a great facelift for the phone app on our iPhone.

name drop

Regarding contact posters, Apple has created a new system called name drop with which these posters can be sent through the system Airdrop. All you have to do is move one iPhone closer to another and within seconds, the iPhones will send each other the contact information.

NameDrop in iOS 17

NameDrop in iOS 17 allows you to transfer contacts with just a tap

What’s new in Safari

Safari has received great news in iOS 17. Like, for example, the possibility to create profiles. With these profiles, we can have a kind of user so that each of them has their favorites, their history or their own home screen.

Another outstanding novelty is the possibility of being able to lread the articles, both from the double Aa options menu and by asking Siri. The post will be transformed into a podcast and its player will appear on both the lock screen and the Control Center menu.

Sleep mode

The mode Resting It is another of the outstanding novelties that I will not tire of repeating that it is one of my favorites. With this mode, our iPhone will become a table clock with interactive widgets, photos, clock views and much more because everything is customizable.


This is what the new Standby mode looks like

In addition, we will have Siri at our disposal, as well as a view of incoming notifications or live activities that are active at the same time. Remember that the iPhone has to be charging and in a horizontal position.

The improved autocorrect

Finally, another aspect that has greatly improved is the iPhone autocorrect. And it shows from the start. Now, the iPhone also learns from how you write to avoid correcting your expressions, but when it comes to corrections in general, the difference is also very noticeable.

In conclusion, the public beta of iOS 17, despite not including great revolutions, has substantially improved the Apple ecosystem by focusing on the details that improve the user experience. Innovations such as interactive widgets, contact posters, NameDrop, what’s new in Safari, Sleep mode and improved autocorrectthey have the potential to transform and enrich the daily interaction with our devices.

If you have already installed the public beta of iOS 17Do not stop experimenting with these novelties. And if you haven’t already, these enhancements may just be the incentive you need to jump in and join the adventure of exploring the latest in Apple technology.

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