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6 iOS 17 features worth ditching Android for


Here are the features in iOS 17 that could make an Android user switch to iOS.

6 iOS 17 features worth ditching Android for
The features of iOS 17 that could convince an Android user.

iOS 17 It was presented just a few weeks ago but in that time we have already been able to know its full potential, its functions and those hidden details that make it special. Although it is in beta phase for developers, the main features can already be tested and seen how they work. And some, as you will see, are really impressive.

New features that can make An Android user considers switching to iOS thanks to them. Functions such as At Rest, artificial intelligence of the keyboard, suggestions also from the keyboard, shared keys or the new AirDrop functions.

The 6 features of iOS 17 that would be worth moving from Android to iOS

Go ahead, both operating systems are very good and there is no one better than the other. Each user chooses the one that they think can do better in their day to day. However, iOS 17 will include different functions that could perhaps make a Android user consider the change.


If you are a regular in the Apple world, you already know, and if I don’t tell you. The company never does things just because. There is always a small intention behind that is discovered over time. An example is the inclusion of widgets on the lock screen for the subsequent launch of the screen always on in the iPhone 14 Pro.

iOS 17 Features

An overview of some of the most important news in iOS 17

And the screen always on could be said that its other reason for being is the new mode Resting which all iPhones will have, but which will be more useful in the iPhone 14 Pro. This new mode turns the iPhone into a table clock with useful information thanks to widget.

We can put the date, time, photos, a clock as such and receive notifications, interact with Siri or follow live activities. All this while the iPhone charge and be in a horizontal position.

The artificial intelligence of the keyboard and its new suggestions

iOS 17 comes with a revamped keyboard that now has a touch of machine learning. The iPhone keyboard will learn from what we write to give us better suggestions and the possibility of putting back with a touch the word that we had written.\In addition, as we write, hints will appear in a more subdued color that we can easily insert by pressing the space bar. Although it’s only in English at the moment, if it doesn’t come out in other languages ​​on launch day in September, it won’t be long before it arrives in Spanish.

Shared keys thanks to iCloud

Thanks to the iCloud keychain, the iPhone will allow us to share our passwords with other users. That is, we can create a family keychain, for example. That keychain will be inside ours and it will work like the one we have. Each user will be able to add their keys, delete them or edit them. Great for family accounts and everything safe thanks to encryption and protection with Face and Touch ID. Lastly, iCloud Keychain too it will let us insert passwords anywhere.

The news coming to AirDrop

AirdropThe file transfer system between Apple devices has also come revamped with several super useful features. First of all, we have the possibility of share our contact card with another iPhone just by bringing them closer.

AirDrop in iOS 17

Transfer of a contact card thanks to AirDrop

Second, we have the possibility of send files easily by simply selecting them and moving the devices closer together. And finally, AirDrop will work via the Internet and will be able to follow a transfer if the iPhones move away.

Automatic deletion of 2FA codes once used

With iOS 17, the two-factor codes that we use to identify ourselves in the different accounts that we have will not accumulate. Thanks to a setting that we can activate within the iCloud keychain, they will be deleted automatically once used.

But not only that, in addition, the two-factor codes that we receive through email can also be auto-filled with a single touch, just as is the case right now with those that arrive through the Messages app.

I don’t mind that some features in iOS 17 feel borrowed from Android (like interactive widgets); this is to be expected as the platforms become more mature. However, some additions, such as the Standby mode or the news in AirDropthey really surprised me. And as we clarified before, it is not a competition to see which system is better than the other.

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