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VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific Summary of the 4th day of the competition, the intense battle of the two favorites in the group stages that competed so intensely that I thought it was the Grand Final!


Sunday, July 2, 2023, 11:58:18 a.m. Indochina time

after the race of Day 3 I have seen the most twisted event that the team is unaffiliated. crazy people Has come out to show the skills of the team from Korea like D-Plus E-Sports Go in a dazed way, being able to read more details, including the summary of the competition inthis article

which competes in the list VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific has traveled into day 4 official by competing in July 1st And there will be teams competing all together. 3 A couple consists of

  • XERXIA with NAOS
  • SCARZ vs BLEED Esports
  • Dplus Esports vs Orangutan

VALORANT-Challenger  -Ascension-2023-Pacific-Days-04-Schedule

for the competition in the first pair of day 4 It will be a competition from representatives from Thailand like XERXIA with NAOS and because at present the group alpha They are in a dilemma because their scores are in the form of a “snake” (alternate wins and losses until the score is equal), causing both teams to rush to grab more points. to push yourself to the top of the table, especially Cercia with scores in the section school Not very attractive So it’s even more worrisome and a problem for them quite a bit.


Although in the first map which was selected by Cercia They would unfortunately miss out on the losing streak. due to the well-prepared navigate But with his daring ball, brilliant tactics and great shots in many shots, he made his way. Cercia Able to counterattack in the neck of the map navigate and finally able to win the final map like climb Can come in a broken way with a score 2 – 1 (9:13 , 13:11 , 13:8)

As for the competition in the second pair, it will be one of the battles of the two tights. SCARZ vs BLEED Esports Both mu, want to be ranked. 1 of the table to grab the quota into the round semifinals and get more days to prepare 1 day in cycle playoffs therefore making them quite as full as possible and even though the way Blood Esports will be able to show their skills until they get the first point first but for the map 2 at pearl which is a specialty map Blood Esports but due to the well-prepared scar including the way coach There may be a slick, keep the plan. As a result, they have to be defeated and have to decide on the final map. lotus finally


But in the end, although the way scar able to cheat death until successfully bringing the team to the final map and creating a very even competition battle until entering Administrative Organization But in the end, with a better rhythm of Blood Esports Including the sharpness of the players within the team, thus making the way scar could not get points this time and resulted in Blood Esports Win this victory with a score. 2-1 ( 13:5 , 12:14 , 14:12 )

And then came the competition in the last couple. This will be a battle of two agencies from Korea and India who are looking for the first point for their own team. Dplus Esports vs Orangutan after the previous D-Plus E-Sports Just misses out on a team without a subordinate like crazy people go in a dazed way, including the nemesis of repetition orangutan because must be in the tightest group Although they were able to perform quite well in the previous battle. but due to the intensity of the plan Therefore, at present, it is quite difficult to count their first point.


Of course, with the skill of both teams. As a result, they had to decide on the final map. climb But after the way D-Plus E-Sports Has warmed up his hands in the previous period, including focusing heavily on the plan, thus turning from a close game into a one-sided thrashing D-Plus E-Sports Go away like that and finally with the superiority of the agency from Korea. thus making this victory go to D-Plus E-Sports go with score 2-1 (13:4 , 9:13 , 13:5) Go in a cool way, don’t have to be excited about anything.

considered to be the end of today’s competition successfully for the program VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific by the competition of Day 5 will start competing in July 2 and there will be all subordinates competing together 3 A couple consists of

  • Fancy United Esports vs One Team Esports
  • NAOS and BOOM Esports
  • BLEED and Dplus Esports

VALORANT-Challenger  -Ascension-2023-Pacific-Days-05-Schedule

Finally, we have to wait and see which agency will be able to win the program. VALORANT Challengers Ascension 2023: Pacific Ready to go into the round playoffs successfully and which affiliation must helplessly pack their belongings back home We have to wait and follow each other.

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