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6 new emojis that will arrive on your mobile soon


We already know some of the new emoticons that are going to reach the main platforms throughout this year.

6 new emojis that will arrive on your mobile soon
New faces, mushrooms, arrows, files and more options among the new emojis of 2023

The Unicode Consortium is already beginning to show what are the new emojis that could be accepted in the next version of the standard, and that sooner or later would reach the main platforms.

The proposal for the inclusion of new emojis includes a total of 578 different candidatesalthough as explained by her own Jennifer Daniel, Chair of the Unicode Emoji Subcommitteemuch of them will be different variants of existing emojis. Actually, they would include only 6 new emojis that have never been seen before.

Lime, mushroom and more: new emoji candidates for 2023

New emoji for 2023

Some of the new emojis that could arrive in 2023

Just a few days ago we talked about the 31 new emojis that were on their way to Android thanks to the incorporation of Unicode Emoji 15.0 standard on the Google operating system. This update, however, will arrive in March 2023so many users will still have to wait a while to be able to use new emojis such as pink and blue hearts, hands pushing right or leftjellyfish, ginger or maracas, among others.

Although the deployment of Emoji 15.0 will still take a few months, the Unicode consortium is already working on accepting the emojis that will be present in the Emoji 15.1 standard. The main novelty of this new version is the possibility of change the direction of some emojisincluding those that represent people.

Although they will also include some new emojis that we can see in the image on these lines. They are a file, a mushroom, a broken chain, a nodding face and another shaking its head left and right, and a phoenix. It has been specified that, curiously, all these new emojis will be created from the combination of two emojis different. For example, the lime emoji will be generated combining the emoji of the green color with a lemonand that of the phoenix combining the bird emoji with fire.

The Unicode technical committee will meet throughout this month of January to assess the candidates, and if they are accepted, it is expected that its arrival becomes official sometime next spring. From that moment on, the companies behind the main platforms, apps and operating systems will begin to work on incorporating the new emojis into their respective collections.

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