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Aether: Wizard Life simulates the life of a wizard and a witch in the form of 2D Side-Scrolling. From a Thai developer!!


Friday, January 20, 2023, 3:25:43 a.m. Indochina time

Aether: Wizard’s Life One of the most interesting games of the year. 2023 It will be a game. 2D Side Scrolling That will give us the opportunity to take on the role of a new graduate mage working under the Ministry of Magic. Including the game also gives the opportunity to do a variety of things whether

  • Farming vegetables
  • animal husbandry
  • study plant species , plant mandrake to use magic to create rain for watering plants
  • Study various food menus to make bread.
  • Fishing system using magic
  • Learn to make different medicines.
  • Learn to make wooden furniture. to make various weapons
  • Raid various dungeons to defeat monsters and find items.

For the game, the team has revealed that Inspired by many popular games, whether Stardew Valley, Magicka, Hollow Knight, Terraria, Rune Factory and wandering soul as well

In addition, it looks like the game itself. Aether: Wizard’s Life will be a game that has been developed by a team from Thailand because in live of Heartrocker on January 15, 2023 has a team named Cereal send super chat give to hard rocker In order to promote the game indirectly, which means that

now my game Aether: Wizard’s Life run on Kickstarter And please bless the fundraising success as well.


And with this interest Therefore allowing us to look at various information of the game within the website Kickstarter As mentioned, there are many interesting details such as

  • The amount of support that has soared to $15,502 entered
  • Details of each award floor in donations ranging from 1.4 dollars until $103.6
  • The target amount of money is set at each level, which is up to $560,000
  • The distribution of income is still clear. It is divided into
    • 70% of the game creation team
    • 30% Various operating costs to various sound systems
  • The game supports multiple languages. and one of them is “Thai”
  • The game will support the use of full joystick.
  • For the rough plan that the game has laid out, the details are as follows.
    • March 2022 | start making games
    • January 9, 2023 | build campaign inside Kickstrator to request donations
    • January 10, 2023 | end campaign and began sharing donations as notified above
    • Q4 2023 | released during the game Alpha Access
    • Q1 2024 | Released during the game early access
    • 2025 | Official full game release
  • The game plans to be released for steam fully and if the amount of donation is reached, it may continue to be given to other devices such as NIntended switch , PLAY STATION and Xbox





Finally, for those who are interested, they can press wishlist The game can be pre-installed below or can support each other at Kickstrator as well, which is considered another interesting game and is also one of the games with Thai developers participating Therefore, it is another reason worth supporting, but having to wait and see the update of the game to see how many interesting details there will be, we have to wait and see.

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