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Add, Change, and Remove Transitions in Google Slides


It is possible to add transitions in Google Slides, but everyone does not know this. The feature works similarly to the transitions feature in Microsoft PowerPoint, so if you are coming from the latter, then learning how to get things done in Slides can only be easier.

Add, Change, and Remove Transitions in Google Slides

Some might believe transition is the same as custom animation, but that is not the case. Yes, they are similar in some respects, but custom animation is its own thing, believe it or not.

What is the difference between custom animation and slide transition?

Custom animations are the movements users put on objects, pictures, text, and individual slides, while slide transitions are all about the looks that take you from one slide to the next.

How to add Transitions in Google Slides

Add transition to slide Google Slides

  1. From within your Google Slides document, please select a slide.
  2. If you wish to select multiple slides, press and hold the CTRL key, and click on each slide.
  3. From there, click on Transition via the toolbar.
  4. The transitions pane will open to the right. Here you can decide which transition type to apply.
  5. Reveal the list of Transition types, then choose a transition.
  6. When you are done, hit the Play button to preview the transition.
  7. To end the preview, click the Stop button.
  8. Finally, click the Close button on the transition pane to complete the task.

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How to make changes to Transitions in Google Slides

Modify transitions Google Slides

When a transition is applied, users can modify it with ease.

  • Click on the slide where the transition is found.
  • From the toolbar, select Transition.
  • Here you can change the type of transition and adjust the duration.
  • After you have decided on the perfect transition and duration, click on Apply.
  • If needed, you can click on Apply to all slides for the changes to work with each slide in your presentation.
  • Close the transition pane.

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How to remove Transitions in Google Slides

Delete transitions from Google Slides

Adding transitions to slides is one thing, but knowing how to remove them is another. Let us explain what you should do.

  1. First, select the slide with the transition.
  2. If there is a transition attached, you will see an icon of three stacked circles.
  3. Right-click on the slide and select Transition.
  4. From there, look for Slide Transitions, and reveal the dropdown menu.
  5. From that menu, then, please choose None.
  6. Close the column when you are done, or click on the Apply to All button to remove transitions from all slides.

If everything goes accordingly, the three stacked circles should disappear from the slide.

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What are transitions in slides?

Transitions deliver a dynamic way to move from one presentation slide to another during a live slide show. The choice is there to add a single transition to a slide, along with different transitions to other slides, or the same transition to all slides in the presentation.

What are the four types of animation and transition effects?

When it comes to Microsoft PowerPoint, there are four types of animation effects, and they are Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, and Motion Paths. These types of animations are designed to reflect the point at which the user wants the animation to occur.

Add, Change, and Remove Transitions in Google Slides

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