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AI-created images of the wreckage of the Titan submersible flood social media


AI-generated images of the wreckage of the submersible "Titan" flooded social networks

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the explosion of the Titan submersible to spread fake AI-generated images claiming debris is visible on the seafloor.

What is known

June 22 US Coast Guard announced about the discovery of the wreck of the Titan, which had been lost four days earlier during the expedition to the Titanic. All five passengers of the submarine were declared dead.

There are no official photos of the wreckage, but fake images generated by artificial intelligence have begun to circulate online.

On the same day, several accounts in Twitter and Facebook shared photos that were claimed to show the wreckage of the Titan at the bottom of the ocean.

But if you look closely, the images are very different from each other. For example, the debris looks more like a destroyed rocket engine than a submersible. In addition, the images are of high definition and perfect lighting, although they are at a depth of about 3800 meters.

Other inconsistencies include several photographs showing the surface of the sea at the top, as well as coral growing above the wreck.

Despite the obvious shortcomings, the images received up to 480 000 views from Twitter users.

The origin of the fake images is unknown. Probably created some of them parody account Prince of Deepfakes, which has already used the Midjourney AI Generator.

Source: PCMag.

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