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Opera has released a browser with generative artificial intelligence


Opera has released a browser with generative artificial intelligence

you dreamed about browser, which can not only show you web pages, but also answer your questions, generate texts and codes, and give you interesting ideas? Then you should try Opera One, a new browser from Opera that integrates generative artificial intelligence (AI) into its interface.

Opera One is a redesign of the classic Opera browser that has been completely reimagined and rebuilt with the latest technology and user experience in mind. The browser is available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux from the official website of the company, as well as for Android devices.

One of the main features of Opera One is a built-in AI called Aria, which can be invoked from the sidebar or with keyboard shortcuts (CTRL or Command and /). Aria is a smart assistant that can help you in any situation, from finding information to creating content.

Aria is based on Opera’s partnership with OpenAIdeveloper ChatGPT – one of the most advanced generative AI in the world. Aria connects to GPT and uses live information from the web to give you accurate and up-to-date answers to your questions. In addition, Aria can generate text or code based on your request, as well as answer questions about support for Opera products.

But that is not all. Opera One can also generate contextual hints for Aria when you right-click or select text in the browser. For example, if you highlighted the title of a movie or book, Aria might suggest that you read reviews, watch a trailer, or buy tickets. If you have highlighted a word or phrase, Aria may offer you to translate it, find synonyms or examples of usage. If you have highlighted a fact or statement, Aria can verify its accuracy or provide additional information.

If you prefer to use other AI chatbots like ChatGPT or ChatSonic, you can also access them from the Opera One sidebar. You can chat with them on any topic, as well as ask them to generate various types of content: from poetry and stories to songs and jokes.

Opera says users are not required to interact with the browser’s AI features if they don’t want to. To do this, they will need to sign into an Opera account in order to use Aria. Also, users can adjust the level of access and privacy of AI, as well as turn it off at any time.

In addition to AI, Opera One has many other advantages over conventional browsers. One of them is a new design based on modular principles. Opera says this helps the browser adapt to user needs by highlighting key features and making the interface cleaner and simpler.

“Relevant modules in Opera One will automatically adjust based on context, providing the user with a more fluid and stress-free web browsing experience,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Another interesting feature is “tab islands”. Opera One uses context to group related tabs, such as hotels and itineraries that you might consider for trip planning, or all open Google Docs for a work project. Thus, you can easily switch between different tasks and not get lost in the multitude of tabs.

Meanwhile, Opera has redesigned the browser under the hood. It used a new architecture to offer a faster and smoother user experience. The company says this approach will also help it add new features and make Opera One stand out from other Chromium-based browsers.

Opera promises that this is not the last update for Opera One. The company plans to continue to develop its generative AI and add new user experiences. It also encourages users to provide feedback and suggest ideas to improve the browser.

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