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AI to generate more impressive images now offers more quality and twice the resolution


The Midjourney team has made version 5 of their imaging model official.

Midjourney V5: Most impressive imaging AI now delivers higher quality and twice the resolution
Midjourney is the most popular image-generative AI model in existence today

The artificial intelligence model text to image most popular and capable of generating the most impressive results, it has just received one of the most important updates in its history. half trip V5 It’s official, and its creators have announced which, as of today, is already available to all users of the model.

Midjourney V5 Promises twice the resolution images with higher quality, in addition to offering a greater range of styles to choose from and being much more “sensitive” to user input to generate results that are more in line with requests.

All the news of Midjourney V5

In the ad, its creators claim to have put a lot of time and effort into improve model capabilities as far as imaging is concerned, and recognize that Midjourney V5 is capable of generate much higher quality images and up to twice the resolution of the previous generation, with big improvements in terms of Dynamic range.

They also claim to have improved levels of detail of the images, not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of the accuracy of details. In this sense, one of the major drawbacks of the previous version has been mitigated, such as the inclusion of unwanted text in the pictures.

He performance when generating images has also improvedand added support for new aspect ratio. The number of image styles and the “sensitivity” of the model when interpreting the user’s indications has been improved.

Due to its increased sensitivity, the creators admit that Midjourney V5 might need tickets longer and more explicit in order to generate images that meet the desired requirements.

Midjourney is the model used as the basis for some Applications that allow images to be generated, including apps to generate wallpapers either AI-powered editing apps. It is therefore to be expected that many of these tools will make a significant leap in quality as soon as the new version of the model begins to be implemented.

How to start using Midjourney V5

As usual in this model, the creators of Midjourney have used Discord to give users access to the tool. Therefore, it is necessary to have a Discord account and access the official server of the model in order to use the tool.

Once inside the tool, it will be necessary write –v 5 after requestor select version 5 of the model through the settings.

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